Tips from students moving from Pickerington to Columbus

Top places in OhioSeptember 24, 2021

Moving from Pickerington that is a suburb of Columbus can be a bit of a challenge, but also an adventure. Although Pickerington is one of the best places to live in Ohio, students moving from Pickerington to Columbus is very common. Probably, because this city offers more possibilities. In addition, in Pickerington, people lean conservative opposite of Columbus where people lean liberal. That is, of course, one of the top qualities for younger people.  Columbus is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Living in Columbus offers people an urban-suburban mixed feel. Renting is more popular than owning a home. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks. The largest population is young professionals and families. So, if you feel that Columbus is the right city for you, feel free to contact Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage to help you move.

Couple carrying boxes
Moving process is challenging, but if you hire a great company it will be much easier for you

If you are one of the students moving from Pickerington to Columbus-make a plan

It is familiar that some campuses throw great parties. In addition to some great houses parties that you have heard of, this can be one of your main motivations if you are a student living in Pickerington. However, besides great parties, you need to think about your moving to-do list. It is really a huge step moving from the suburbs to the big city. So, be excited, but also, be prepared! If you have a lot of stuff that you don’t know what to do with, do a bit of research about storage units Pickerington Ohio so that you can make enough space for the things you don’t need, but you don’t want to throw away. Here is how the checklist can look:

  • do a little research about the city-it sets trends and it is pretty diverse
  • pack in a smart way
  • choose a great moving company
  • decide about your living place and get familiar with your college
A couple, boxes and moving checklist
To have a moving checklist is very helpful and important for students moving from Pickerington to Columbus

Moving from Pickerington to Columbus is very common, yet again you need to do a bit of research about this diverse city

Columbus keeps growing and expanding with a diversity of people. The people in Columbus are of all different cultures and backgrounds. For example, the Newport is great for alternative subcultures and the Schottenstein Center is home to many artists. Also, there are lots of parks, even it is essentially an urban environment. Therefore, if you have a dog, this is awesome for you. A lot of people, even when done with schooling in Columbus, decide to stay permanently. Columbus experienced a 10% growth that is also great for the overall economy and quality of life. There are diverse neighborhoods, public transport is great and it is easy to find a job. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will have different options when it comes to dorm room storage solutions if you will need one. It will be easy, since obviously, Columbus has it all!

City view and buildings
Columbus has a lot to offer as a growing city

Pack in a smart way

Make sure to pack only necessary things. In case you do go a bit overboard, just research a bit about cheap storage units Columbus and you can move aside some things you don’t need. You can use card boxes, or you can even rent some other types of boxes more suitable for you. Make sure to protect what is made of glass for example. If you have something precious you are taking with you make sure you pack it properly. Also, make sure that the delivery guys know what they need to pay attention to. Don’t duplicate things in case you have a roommate that also has some things you already have. Instead, you can make arrangements to share. It will be more economical and it will save you some space that you will definitely need. In addition, you can make a lifetime friend.

Choose a great moving company if you  are one of the students moving from Pickerington to Columbus

It is very important that you hire a great professional company that will deal with challenges if necessary. Of course, you have a plan and probably everything will go smoothly. However, sometimes things can go wrong and that is why you need a strong company to rely on. Columbus has a lot of great moving companies to offer and that is why after doing your research, do not hesitate to contact us for help. You need to hire someone that has a great van, enough staff, and is also flexible. In addition, it’s good to have family and friends around during the moving process. Search the internet and find the most suitable moving company for you.

Decide about your living place and get familiar with your college

Since you are a student moving from Pickerington to Columbus, the best option for you is to live on-campus. Make sure to contact your roommate and exchange contacts before moving day itself. Consulting with your roommate will actually be the best preparation for you.  Some colleges don’t provide residential space and you should know about that beforehand so that you can find a proper place to live. In addition, you need to visit your college website and get all the necessary information about the curriculum. You need to do it because of the preparation of documentation so that you don’t miss anything important. It is especially important not to miss any deadlines and to know all the rules.

Overall, preparation is the keyword for students moving from Pickerington to Columbus. Please invest your time and start on time. After making a plan and contacting your roommate, make sure to find reliable movers. Your packing should also be light. Learn about the city and make sure to embrace its spirit! Starting your college experience is a scary thing to do, but it is also one of the most exciting steps that you will make in your life!


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