How to find affordable housing in Columbus

Before The MoveSeptember 21, 2021

For the US Government, the housing policy is an important topic. So, their goal is to enable every citizen to have decent accommodation. Unfortunately, in many regions, there is a shortage of affordable housing. The US Government is doing its best to improve the situation. However, the possibility to find affordable housing in Columbus is good. And, this is thanks to the present housing situation in Columbus. The housing apartment community in Columbus is offering 23,532 affordable apartments for rent. So, you can hire movers Columbus Ohio to relocate you there at any time.

A part of the apartment building with lot of balconies and flowers, where is possible to find affordable housing in Columbus.
The apartment building offers the possibility to find affordable housing in Columbus.


What is considered affordable housing?

So, what is exactly affordable housing? By the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the affordable housing requires less than 30% of a tenant’s gross monthly income. And this 30% has to cover rent/mortgage and utility bills. However, if one has to spare over 30%, it is considered cost-burdened rent. And sadly, such are often ending with evictions.

What is the affordable housing situation in Columbus?

Fortunately, there is enough affordable housing in Columbus. The city also has a lot of available low-rent apartments. And, such apartments are usually taken by people who are staying in Columbus shortly. They don’t see a point in investing, for such a short period. And such is the case with military personnel. If you are looking for an affordable apartment, ask Columbus military movers. They will gladly give you directions. They will also help you to move in.

The affordable housing assistance program in Columbus

Likewise most US towns, Columbus has an affordable housing assistance program. Columbus housing authority is in charge of this program. And, it was designed based on “Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher”. The Columbus housing authority is paying the landlords 70% of the monthly rent. So, the program users are paying the rest of 30%.  And, the idea of Section 8 is relatively simple. The vouchers are given to the landlords, to cover part of the rental costs. The maximum amount on the voucher for a low-income tenant in Columbus is set at $928 to $1,134. In cases when the housing is too small, the program user can always consider self storage options. The housing units are not costly. And they can live in the smaller apartments. Thus, saving up on the rent costs.

A series of connected buildings that have a common courtyard and gate.
There are many different housing options in Columbus

The area median income is an important factor to consider before you find affordable housing in Columbus

The U.S. HUD is annually revising the annual median income (AMI). And, they do it by area. This is because every area is having various criteria. That way, they are making sure the help goes to the low-income families. The HUD is splitting the AMI into few categories:

  • Extremely low median income – below 30% of AMI
  • Very low medina income – below 50% of AMI
  • Low median income – below 80% of AMI
  • Moderate median income – between 80% and 120% of AMI

In 2021, the median household income in Columbus was $69,315.  This is higher than the US average of $51,48. Still, the poverty rate in Columbus reached 19.54%. For some additional information, you can check houses online in Columbus, Ohio.

Affordable apartments for rent in Columbus

Besides, there are also families with higher median housing incomes. Still, they could be looking for an affordable apartment. Reasons for this are various. They are usually expecting to stay in Columbus for a very short period. So, they don’t want to make investments. Thus, for them, the possibility to find affordable housing in Columbus is just a temporary solution. So, with affordable housing, they don’t have to do any special investments. Sometimes, their situation can change. This means they have to stay longer in Columbus. In such cases, they opt to find better accommodation. So, all they have to do is to contact affordable movers Columbus Ohio. They will help them to find some good accommodation, up to your liking. And they will help them with relocation.

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