Why use storage during military deployment

Storage TipsSeptember 18, 2021

There are many cases when you may need a storage unit. Some people use it when moving. Some are using it to get more space in their household. Also, it is possible to rent long or short-term storage. Being a military means that you must change your residence frequently. This is the main reason why use storage during military deployment. If you consult the military moving companies, they will advise you to store your belongings. And using storage facilities Columbus Ohio, your belonging will be safe and well preserved.

A military man standing in front of the US flag
The main reason why use storage during military deployment is because you get the redeployment order on short notice.

Benefits of using storage during military deployment

The answer to this question is simple. Being a military man or woman, you can get the redeployment order at any time. Then you have to act fast. Every time you move on short notice, you have to leave some belongings behind. And organize transport to your new place later on. In such cases, the best moving companies Columbus Ohio can help you. Their storage units are modern and climate-controlled. And they can ship your belongings later on if you choose so.

What to keep in mind when choosing a storage unit before military deployment

Although you are in rush in cases of short notice redeployment, choose the storage unit wisely. Here are some tips to help you choose the right storage unit when being deployed. Look for a climate-controlled storage unit. That way you will avoid damage to your stored belongings. They cost a bit more, but not as much as your belongings.

Too big storage units are a waste of your money during military deployment Choose the right size storage unit, as you don’t want to pay empty space. The military movers will help you determine the size. They are skilled, and they just need to see the number of your possessions. That is enough for them to recommend you the right storage unit size.

Beautiful car as reason enough to use storage during military deployment
When getting a deployment order, you usually must leave your car behind.

A few other things to consider when choosing the right storage

When you are deployed, your payment will stay the same. So, every benefit you can get matters. Having that in mind, check also:

  • Choose  the company that can provide you with extra services – like packing and moving your belongings to storage
  • Visit a few storage units and check them personally
  • Consider getting the tenant insurance – it is not necessary, but in case of an accident, you will be on the safe side
  • Some storage providers offer military discounts – try to find such one
  • Consider using packing services, so you can be sure everything is ready to be put in storage

How to store your car during the military deployment

When getting a deployment order, you usually must leave your car behind. The question is – what to do with your car during military deployments. If you are moving somewhere within the US, use storage during military deployment. That can be a short-term storage facility. And have your car shipped to your new location afterward. However, in cases of overseas deployment, you must store your car for a longer period. Choosing the right storage in such a case is essential. Coming back for vacation or being deployed back to your original station, you would like to find your car in good condition.

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