How to childproof your storage space?

How toNovember 15, 2020

Having a storage unit is great, you get to free up your home from various items and still be able to keep them. However, if you plan on taking your kid to play in the storage unit, you need to figure out a way to childproof your storage space. The first thing that you need to consider is the type and the size of the unit itself. Talk to one of the Columbus moving companies that offer storage and figure out the best solution. After that, it is time to get to work. If you are unsure of how to go about it, this article is going to detail the process and provide you with some really good advice. This is a job that requires attention to every detail and the more you know, the better.

Tips to childproof your storage space with ease

Here are our top tips for childproofing your storage unit:

  • Tools should be out of children reach
  • Keep chemicals secured and far away from your children
  • Childproof your storage space – Anything that can be opened should have a safety latch
  • Place heavy and sharp objects far behind, out of your children reach
  • Be cautious around electricity
  • If your storage space has stairs, use gates around them
Keep your tools away from children.

Tools should be out of children reach

The first things that you need to sort out are your tools. Needless to say, you need to keep them well out of your kid’s reach. Placing them on top of other items is a good way of doing it. However, you will need to make sure that they can’t fall if the base is rattled. After you place your tools out of harm’s way, try shaking the base somewhat vigorously and see what happens. You are doing this to simulate your child bumping into it, which is always a possibility. You can always try to select one of the storage units Blacklick Ohio that have specific places for your tools which you can lock. This will make your job a lot easier. Otherwise, either keep them well in the back where your kid can’t reach or ensure that they can’t fall if rattled.

Keep chemicals secured and far away from your children

Another set of items that must be kept well away from your kids are the various chemicals in your storage unit. If you can, always try to keep them under lock and key. Even if you are going through the residential moving process, and are keeping them there only temporary, you need to make sure that access to them is heavily restricted. They can be really dangerous and should not be trifled with. You will need to maintain a careful balance between accessibility and security.

Seal all boxes that contain chemicals!

Childproof your storage space – Anything that can be opened should have a safety latch

Your storage unit is going to have at least a few boxes inside. Any box that your kid can reach, and open, needs to have a safety latch. Kids are really inquisitive and are going to open everything that they are able to. If this is your long-term storage, there can be plenty of dangers in any of those boxes. Of course, it is not really feasible to put a latch on every box if you have a lot of them. But those boxes that are within easy reach need to have them. This will prevent your children from even getting into contact with the contains of the box. They will rattle the container a little, see that they can’t open it, and move on. Your job is to ensure that they can’t open anything dangerous.

Childproofing your storage unit is all about making sure that you cover all the bases, after all.

Place heavy and sharp objects far behind, out of your children reach

This one is really, really important. Heavy, sharp, objects pose the greatest threat to your kids’ security. You really need to make sure that any objects such as these are completely inaccessible by small, prying, hands. Also, do not put them on the top of other items if there is any danger of them falling. And, of course, do not leave them anywhere where your children can see them.

When I was a kid, I was drawn to sharp objects like a magnet. If there is one for me to grab, I will grab it. Try to make it so there is no temptation in the first place. It is always better to protect your kids from sharp objects than it is to treat injuries, after all. Treat this task with the reverence that it deserves. You can try to wrap those objects and form a protective layer, as well. Of course, wrapping and hiding them is the best course of action.

Use a few layers of bubble wrapping to protect sharp objects and tools but also to protect yourself and your children from injuries.

Be cautious around electricity if you want to properly childproof your storage space

Go through your unit and see if there are any electrical cables that are in a state of disrepair, or are near the ground. Electricity can be really dangerous both for you and your kids. Make sure that there is no such danger present. If you need to do some repairs, it might be advisable to do so before you let your children anywhere near the storage unit. You need to be careful around electricity, as well, always remember that. Use heavy rubber gloves or turn off the electricity altogether whenever you are moving cables around.

If your storage space has stairs, use gates around them

Finally, if there are any flights of stairs within your storage unit, you will want to gate them. Stairs are natural enemies of small children and are responsible for many an injury. Therefore, do not even allow your kids to get into contact with them. Stairs can’t hurt them if they are out of reach, after all. You don’t need anything elaborate for the job, a simple metal gate will do. The best way to childproof your storage space is to not allow any of the dangers remotely near your kids.

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