How to arrange boxes in your storage the proper way

Storage PreparationJanuary 27, 2021

You may foolishly think that there’s no such thing as the proper way to arrange boxes in your storage. Just throw them inside, one on top of the other, without any particular order, right? If things were that simple, all the moving and storage Columbus Ohio companies would run out of business. No, arranging storage space and your things in it is a serious matter. Regardless if you need to storage small, bulky, light, or heavy items, there are a few rules that will make your life easier. Arranging storage space is not only a matter of aesthetic, it’s a way to save space, and subsequently – money. So, let’s delve into it right away.

How to arrange boxes in your storage according to their size

Size-wise, there are two things that should be considered and taken into account. Are we intending to storage only boxes, or the unpacked items as well? Either way, how they would be organized and arranged depends largely on their size. Every moving company is aware of this, which is why they always offer storage services separately. Anyhow, the general rule is that the larger boxes/items always go as deep as possible and as low as possible. Ideally, the smallest ones should be the first thing you see when opening the storage space. They should be right next to the entrance.

Big, wide open space helps to arrange boxes in your storage easily
Boxes in storage should be arranged by size, weight, shape, and importance

How to arrange boxes in your storage according to their weight

Similar to size, weight is another crucially important thing when it comes to arranging boxes in a storage. The principles of arranging are similar, heavy boxes with wide base go below, lighter ones go above. As said, it’s pretty much the same, but for different reasons. Heavier boxes would crush the lighter ones if it was the other way around. Also, heavier boxes usually serve as a pedestal for smaller, lighter boxes.

How to arrange boxes in your storage according to their shape

The shape of the boxes may vary depending on their content. Bulky ones usually contain something that has an irregular shape. That said, they should be always arranged vertically, towards the end. Positioning bulky boxes in a storage, especially if there are many of them, is a science in itself.

How to arrange boxes in your storage according to their importance

Needless to say, you don’t want to dig deep in order to find a box that’s important to you. One of the reasons why important things are important is because we often use them. Those things should be available to us at all times. Which means they should be easily approachable. Storage units Westerville Ohio are often big enough to provide enough breathing space for all our boxes. Especially the most important ones.

A couple of boxes
Make a list of the entire inventory before you start to arrange boxes in your storage

How to properly organize boxes in your storage

To properly organize a storage unit and all the boxes you have stuffed into it, you should act according to the following guidelines:

  • Make a list of the entire inventory before you start to arrange boxes in your storage.
  • Disassemble everything that can be disassembled in order to put it in the boxes more easily.
  • Large, heavy, and bulky items should go on the bottom, towards the back. Smaller, lighter, and more important boxes should be put in the front.
  • Put in vertical position everything that can stand firm in that position.

The importance of labeling boxes

The importance of labeling each and every box in the storage unit cannot possibly be overstated. Not labeling the boxes is the most common reason for the confusion that may occur afterward. You may think that you can remember what is in each box, but you can’t. Especially if the boxes are stored to stay intact for a long period of time. So, label the boxes. Each and every single one of them. And don’t forget to arrange them in a way that would display that label facing the front of the storage unit.

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