How to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

Storage PreparationJanuary 19, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, arranging regular-sized items in a storage unit is often more difficult than bulky ones. Small size items usually come in boxes, and packing and labeling those countless boxes is never easy. On the other hand, bulky items are more visible and easier to label, but harder to transport. Therefore, for services like moving and storage Columbus Ohio is the perfect destination. As the state capital of Ohio, this city offers plenty of moving companies whose portfolio entails those services. They will help you arrange bulky items in a storage unit, and provide additional services if need be.

Make sure to leave enough space to arrange bulky items in a storage unit

The main feature of any storage unit is its capacity. Making the right assessment when it comes to the required space for your inventory is extremely important. Almost as important as the price. That said, you don’t want to rent a bigger storage unit than you actually need. Chances are it will be too big anyway. So, reach out to some of the storage rental Columbus Ohio based companies and get an adequate storage unit.

There must be enough space to arrange bulky items in a storage unit
The main feature of any storage unit is its capacity

Once you get one, it’s time to arrange your storage unit. You can do that either by yourself, or you can hire professionals to do it for you. Professional assistance is almost mandatory if your inventory is predominantly comprised of bulky items. And not because of not knowing how to do it, but because of not having the equipment to do it. The tools of the trade are not just an idiom, but a phrase with very literal meaning.

What to do next?

That said, there’s no point in making things more difficult than they should be. Even the moving professionals have their own little tricks when it comes to dealing with oversized, bulky items. Here are some of them:

  • To prevent unnecessary calculations, take the storage unit doors off their hinges immediately. Make the entrance into storage as wide as possible in order to arrange bulky items in a storage unit easier.
  • Disassemble everything that you can possibly disassemble. If an item cannot be disassembled by design, see if you can divide some of its parts without damage.
  • Do the precise measurement of each and every bulky item. Measure the space within the storage unit. Then sketch how the items will be aligned on a piece of paper. Make sure to do the math right, as arranging storage items could easily turn into the game of inches.

Clean and prepare your storage unit beforehand

This step is something that is supposed to go without saying but often gets forgotten. Cleaning a storage unit beforehand is the only time you can actually do that cleaning. Once the items are moved and arranged within the storage unit, there’s no turning back. That said, dirty and wet storage is not only unhealthy but potentially dangerous. In the long run, it can affect the general state of the items and damage them.

Woman bubble wrapping bulky bed
Moving bulky items is always a challenge

How and where to position and arrange bulky items in a storage unit

When you do the cleaning and other necessary preparations, it’s time to move. The placement and positioning of moving items shouldn’t be just a random process. It’s a science in itself. With a decent amount of creativity and upfront thinking, one can do miracles. Apart from the already mentioned tips, there are some other useful ideas to reconsider.

For example, arrange bulky items in a storage unit vertically, and towards the back. If you have more of them and want to put them on top of each other, the heavier items should be on the bottom. It creates a better base for the lighter ones. Also, make the items that you use frequently easier to reach by putting them up front. And most importantly – don’t forget to label boxes.

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