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Moving Day TipsDecember 13, 2019

We have only one planet. We need to take care of it. While this may sound like something for someone else, for those green activists somewhere and may have nothing to do with you, nothing can be further from the truth. We are all responsible for the planet and we all need to do our part. While moving and storage Columbus Ohio already has its fair share of green movers, people that are being moved need to do their part, as well. You don’t need to go way out of your way, just follow some simple guidelines such as having reusable bags, used boxes and so on. In any case, for eco-friendly moving, here is what we have for you.

Eco-friendly moving – Useful tips!

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your move greener. However, these ones will have the maximum impact for the minimum of effort. And we all love that combination, don’t we? There are other things that you can do but they are beyond the scope of this article. You can always help the planet more! Start by hiring green movers, such as movers Hilliard Ohio, and following the items on the list below:

  • Use containers that you already have
  • Get already used boxes
  • Get creative with packing materials
  • Declutter/Donate/Yard Sale
Use suitcases instead of buying cardboard boxes!

Use containers that you already have

The number one thing to do in order to make your move eco-friendly is to not buy new containers. This will reduce the number of new containers in the world and will have a positive effect. These items include:

  • Reusable Grocery Totes
  • Plastic Bins
  • Suitcases
  • Gym Bags and Duffel Bags
  • Dresser Drawers

If you have any of these items, pack everything into them first. If you can pack everything in the containers that you have, then your move will achieve the maximum of eco-friendliness! However, even if you cannot pack everything, do not fret! There are ways to stay green and the best way is:

Eco-friendly moving tips – Get already used boxes

That is right, do not buy new ones and flood the market with more pollution. Get used boxes and packing materials. You are not the first one to go through the moving process and you definitely will not be the last. There are boxes and materials aplenty out there. You can get them for really cheap, or even find cardboard boxes for free with just a bit of research. Online and social media are great places to find some of these materials.

teddy bear in a box
Find already used boxes instead of buying new ones.

Devote some time to finding them and you will reduce the cost of your move as well as making it as green as possible.

Get creative with packing materials

Now, you don’t need to be a slave to conventional packing materials. Most of these conventional ones are really harmful to the planet and are not easy to recycle. There are ways, of course, but to be perfectly honest the places that you can do so at are few and far between. Still, we need to bring our packing materials for recycling there and many people are simply failing to do so. Thus, these items end in the trash.

Think about what you already have and can use for wrapping and padding. Consider towels, some linens, you can even use clothes for this task! Use the old newspaper and so on. Get creative is all we are saying!

Declutter and donate and/or organize a yard sale!

Your move gives you a great opportunity to remove a lot of your belongings that you are simply not using anymore. All those items that are there just because you could never bring yourself to throw them away. Well, you know what they say “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Of course, it goes for women and other entities as well, it’s just how the saying goes. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that you can also profit on these items by selling them in a yard, or a garage, sale. These events are not that hard to organize and you will be selling stuff left and right with just a bit of preparation.

Advertisement and marketing are the keys here so make sure that you have plenty of those. You want people to come to your yard sale and the best way to achieve that is to let as many as possible know that there will be a yard sale in the first place! Use social media, word of mouth and all other venues that you can think of. If you ever consider “is this enough?” it most likely is not.

Organize a yard/garage sale!

Another great way to declutter your home is to donate all of your unwanted items. These items do need to be in good condition, however. You would not believe the number of people that are trying to toss their trash onto various charities and organizations. So if your socks have holes in them, throw them away, do not try to donate them to children. I mean, you would never do that but you would be surprised at what is going on.

Hire green moving professionals

Finally, the best way to ensure that your move is as green as possible is to hire movers that are actually green friendly. There are more and more companies such as these, as green moving is something we all need to aspire to. These companies will not ask more for their services on account of being green, no. They will simply reevaluate and optimize their business processes to account for the growing need of the planet.

Usually, that means that reusing materials and recycling is the utmost priority, as well as using the least amount of fuel for transport. Methods vary but the fact of the matter is that these companies, one of which is Zippy Shell Columbus, are doing their best to help save our planet. Everyone needs to get along with eco-friendly moving and no one is the exception.

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