DIY moving mistakes to avoid

Moving Day TipsDecember 15, 2019

Moving can be quite expensive. When you start listing all the things you should pay for, such as moving and packing services, the price can be quite high. For this reason, many people opt to organize their move on their own. However, if you do not have relevant previous experience, this might not be the best idea. That is why you should see which DIY moving mistakes you need to avoid.

Give yourself enough time 

Organizing a move takes time. This especially applies if you want to do it yourself. You need plenty of time to pack all of your items, hire a moving truck or a moving company, and so on. In addition to this, you also need to make plans for your budget. Taking all of this into an account, you should start at least two months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to organize every detail of your move. You can achieve this by making a checklist. Your list should contain the following points. 

  • Hire a moving company/ moving truck 
  • Get packing supplies 
  • Sell, donate or throw away unnecessary items 
  • Rent self storage Columbus Ohio 
  • Get moving insurance 
  • Clean your home 
delivery truck
Rent a moving truck for your DIY move

DIY moving mistakes – packing too much stuff 

Do you really need all the items in your home? You probably do not. For this reason, the best way to save money is to sell some of your items. However, make sure they are in good condition. In order to avoid making a mess, separate your items into three categories. One is to sell, one is to donate, and the last one to throw away. You can organize a garage sale or try to sell it online. Try on eBay, Craigslist, or even Amazon. Make sure not to overprice your items, since you are not trying to earn money, but rather to add some money to your moving budget. For your donation pile, you can schedule pickups with Goodwill, or The Salvation Army. Lastly, rent a dumpster if you have items to throw away. 

Label your boxes properly 

Skipping labeling your boxes is one of the DIY moving mistakes people usually make. It is extremely important to label your boxes properly in order to avoid confusion. If you skip this step and find it unnecessary, then you can easily lose some of your items. For this reason, you need to label your boxes and here is how you can do it. Luckily, labeling is not difficult or complicated. You can just need a black marker and that is it. However, if you want to be more creative, then you can buy or even make labels in various colors. Assign one color to each room. This will help you later when you start to unpack your items. Lastly, do not forget to write down “FRAGILE” as this can save your items from breaking. 

DIY moving mistakes - label your boxes and write down FRAGILE
Don’t forget to label your boxes

Make an essential box 

It is important to make an essential box. Once you enter your new home, you will not have furniture ready. Even if your new apartment is furnished, you still need food and toiletries. For this reason, pack toilet paper, bath towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste, and so on. As for food, pack something that will not perish in a few days. In addition to this, do not forget bed sheets, pillows, your PJs, and clothes to change. You can also add some books, children’s toys, electronic devices, and chargers for the same. Now you have everything that you need for a few days while you are waiting for your items to arrive. 

DIY moving mistakes – using the wrong packing materials 

You cannot organize a move without the proper packing materials. This means you have to invest in good packing supplies since they offer the necessary protection. Otherwise, you can damage your items or even lose them if they are not packed well. This would be one of the most expensive DIY moving mistakes you will want to avoid. So, make a list of all the packing supplies you will need. This should include the following items. 

  • Moving boxes – various sizes 
  • Plastic bins – also quite effective  
  • Blankets and furniture pads 
  • Bubble wrapping 
  • Tape 
  • Rope – to secure items/boxes in the moving truck 
  • Labels 
packing instructions
Get all the packing supplies

Don’t lift heavy items 

Lifting heavy items is one of the most common DIY moving mistakes. People sometimes believe they are stronger than they really are. For this reason, they will try to lift heavy items and to carry them to the moving truck. The truck might be close, but that is only the illusion. You can easily injure yourself seriously by lifting heavy items. Apart from injuring yourself, you can damage the items you are trying to lift and the property. For this reason, you should use professional moving equipment, such as dollies, hand carts, and carpet glides. In addition to this, make sure to clear the path. You should not bump into anything as this can also cause injuries. That is why you should hire movers as they will know how to lift and carry heavy items without injuring themselves or damaging something. 

DIY moving mistakes – assume DIY is cheaper 

Many people believe that doing everything on their own will be cheaper than hiring professionals. This is true in some special cases. For example, if you are moving very locally or you have friends who are willing to help and know-how to help. However, if you do not have the experience, your friends do not know how to help you, and you are moving to another state, then the DIY move is not cheaper. You will have to pay for a moving truck, gas, hotel, food, packing supplies, and so on. Not to mention if something happens, for example, you lost some items or damage them, you cannot file a claim. You will have to buy new items or pay for repairs. For this reason, hiring a moving company is the best option. 

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