Downsides of friends helping you relocate

Hiring MoversDecember 12, 2019

Whoever never moved before, knows the real beauty of life. I don’t know if it’s worse when you just move into an apartment, unpack and try to get used to the new location… And your landlord tells you that you have to move out immediately because he was not allowed to rent the apartment in the first place! Or when you relax, root in someone else’s apartment, stack a lot of unnecessary things, dishes, books, decorations. And then after years spent in the apartment you just thought was yours – you need to get moving. With all that, you have your friends helping you relocate, but it isn’t going entirely that well… Sounds familiar? Let me dive into the all downsides of people you know trying to help you out with relocation.

Friends helping you relocate – how does it look in your head

You think you are super organized, experienced in moving. So this time you will organize the whole process so you feel relaxed and stress-free. This is especially true if you are moving during college and just started living on your own.

fight - friends helping you relocate
You have your friends helping you relocate, but it isn’t going entirely that well!

There are relatives, friends, godparents, comrades. And it seems that all of them will come to the rescue to help you move. But then the nightmare sets in. You have no clue what is it like to move (or you forget all about it). Every item should be carried, every glass-wrapped, every plate secured. Everything from your computer, disks, to books and little things… And what about your clothes, boxes, baskets, coats, jackets? You need to go a million times from the old apartment to the new one. Then you need to pack up, determine what to move – because your relatives and friends don’t know it. And then you need to put things in a car… Not to mention get it out of the vehicle and transfer it to a new destination.

Friends helping you relocate – how does it look in reality

So when you’re near the end and you finally think you can rest, you really can’t. Because after a long night, or after a busy day at work, packing, transporting stuff, and usurping the time of dear people, you just have to call a moving company Zippy Shell Columbus Ohio. Because it’s hard for friends to disassemble your furniture and protect it from damage. So you need someone to dismantle your cabinets, shelves, dressers, beds, hanging parts, carry a washing machine, dishes, fridge, stove. And if you have friends helping you relocate, you need to work all that out… Plus it’s up to you to provide foils, boxes, tools, food, and drinks – and you’re in chaos.

Moving companies are better helpers than friends

This is the harsh truth. And you find about this once you wonder why you had to buy packing materials, why you need to transport things yourself… And why are you wasting time, wasting fuel? Basically, besides exhaustion and stress, you have achieved nothing!

Why are you wasting time or wasting fuel when you can hire movers?!

Experienced workers who have a routine of moving. They know how to protect things, put it on a truck or in a van, depending on the number of things… And simply move you!  Plus you can always rent storage Hilliard Ohio if you need extra space.

When is the help of loved ones enough?

If you are moving tools out of the garage, transferring some of your belongings to your parents, or changing your place of residence as a student, your friends helping you relocate may be sufficient. You may only need student storage and that’s all. A couple of bags, heavy books, some companionship, anguish and laughter… And the job of moving is complete. But if you have a family or you are moving into an empty apartment that is full of your belongings, then the only proper and safe solution for moving is to hire professionals.

Advantages and disadvantages of DIY move

It’s nice that you have relatives and friends who want to help you. You may be overjoyed to be able to rely on people who feel you are worth giving up their free time to help you. Still, close people are not professionals. They have no replacement, and if someone gets sick or for some reason cannot come, and your eviction deadline expires, you are in trouble. Especially if it’s someone who has golden hands and is a key person in the relocation process, you’re in big trouble.

It may seem that they help for free, but that’s not the case.

The plus that you have friends helping you relocate may seem that they help for free. However, you are expected to provide food and drink for the day, and you only want to move out. And their help may seem free but one day you have to return that favor… Plus you have no insurance if friends break anything!

In conclusion – friends do not relocate you for free!

If you are moving with a moving company, transportation and tools are included in the price. They have their own packaging material and trained, experienced workers. Plus they can pack your most sensitive items like paintings, mirrors, shelves etc. Because when you really think about it, there are so many downsides of friends helping you relocate. Ask anyone: the cheapest and easiest way to relocate is to hire professionals. When you calculate all the expenses you have during your self-relocation – not counting the stress, time lost and damaged things – the price difference is minimal. Remember, moving with a moving company is simply safer and easier.

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