Determine how much storage space you need with these tips

Needing to acquire a storage unit is a reality for many people. We simply accumulate too much stuff during our lives and all of that stuff means something to us. We don’t simply want to throw it away! The best thing is to store them somewhere where we can have easy access to them. That is why storage units Blacklick Ohio, for example, are so popular nowadays. But these units charge by size and you need to be able to deduct how much storage space you need. This seems to be a simple process but it is, in fact, a bit trickier than that. We are going to provide you some tips on how to go about choosing the perfect size for your unit.

How to figure out how much storage space you need?

Before you can settle on a storage unit, you need to know what you will be storing inside. The first thing that you need to do is to create an exhaustive inventory list of items that are going to be stored within. This list will serve you for years to come and not only for storage purposes. It is a really handy document to have, overall. Once you have the list in your hands or in your phone, you can then proceed to the first step.

First things first! Figure out how much storage space do you need!

Step 1: Search for storage facility online

These days, you don’t really need to walk or drive everywhere to see the conditions of the storage units. The internet is a vast source of information and you need to take advantage of that. Fire up that browser and start looking into storage units in your area. You want to find a storage unit at a location that is most convenient for you. If that proves to be impossible, expand your search outward until you find a storage space that works for you.

There are a lot of places that you can go to find these units but your first stop should be the units in your immediate area. For example, if you want a storage unit in Gahanna, try looking for storage units Gahanna Ohio. You might even get lucky and find one straight away! Also, you may want to check in with several storage companies just to get a feel for the price. Make sure that the size is the same, as well as the amenities and circumstances. There will be a lot to go through so make sure you devote enough time for this task.

As with everything else in life, if you throw a lot of time at a problem, you will have better chances of successfully solving it. The same goes for finding an optimal storage unit. You need to give it some time and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Step 2: Choosing the size of your storage unit

Once you do find a storage facility to your liking, it is time to choose the size of the unit itself. Here are the most common storage unit sizes:

  • 5” x 10” – This size will be able to hold one room of furniture, in most cases. Of course, if your room is particularly large, you may need to look into larger units.
  • 10” x 10” – You can pack two or three rooms worth of furniture and assorted boxes in a storage unit of this size. This is particularly ideal for storing office furniture and assorted musical instruments, including a piano.
  • 10” x 20” – This is your average car garage size. You can expect to be able to pack as much as six rooms worth of appliances and furniture.
  • 10” x 30” – Finally, the largest common unit can hold the entire house’s worth of items, provided it has no more than 5 bedrooms. Even if there are more rooms, with some creative packing you will be able to fit it inside this large unit.
Choose the perfect size of the storage unit!

Step 3: Protect and prepare your items after you figure out how much storage space you need

After choosing the unit, it is time to properly prepare your items for their stay within. You will need to apply packing materials to every box that you plan to store. You will also need to wrap and secure the larger items before you move them in. This is where your inventory list will come in handy yet again. By having it, you will be able to approximate how much materials will you need for the packing process. If you have too many items, you can always employ packing services from a moving company. Additionally, if you are not placing your items within a climate-controlled unit, you will need to further protect them from moisture and humidity.

Even in perfectly built storage units, some moisture can seep in. It is almost impossible to prevent that from happening and you need to account for that.

Step 4: How much storage space you need if you want to store antiques?

And speaking of antiques, these are the items that warrant their own “personal space”, so to speak. You never want to cram them together and pack them tightly, even inside a storage unit. You need to account for that when choosing the size. It is always better to pick a unit with a bit more space when it comes to these items. However, the most important thing about antiques is that you can’t risk placing them inside a storage unit that does not have climate control. The swings in humidity and temperature can seriously warp and damage your antiques.

Keep your antiques safe! Search for a good storage facility that provides insurance and security.

Step 5: How to properly pack your storage unit?

Finally, you will want to use up all the available space within the unit and organize your storage unit properly. Vertical space needs to be utilized to its full potential. This is something that you need to have in mind while packing your items as the most sturdy items need to be on the bottom. Then you can proceed to stack boxes one on top of another finishing with the lightest items. This will ensure that you use up all the space that is available to you.

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