How to pack toys for storage

Packing GuideJune 10, 2020

Relocation is a big task. Packing everything and moving to a new address can be stressful. And when you are moving with your kids – that can be only additional stress. You need to prepare your kids for the relocation and talk with them about everything. One of the things you will need to do – you will have to pack their toys. And, if you need to pack toys for storage – you will need some help. You can always find companies for moving and storage Columbus Ohio that can help you. Also – you can find a lot of useful tips online. 

If you want to pack toys for storage – talk with your kids

The first thing you need to do when you are packing toys for storage is to talk with your kids. You need to explain to them what is happening, and include them in the whole process. It might take extra time, but in the end – your kids will handle the relocation much better. Your kids will be occupied, so the whole process will go smoothly. Also, take their opinion into consideration when you are storing toys. You do not want to take some of their favorite toys to a storage unit.

kid preparing to pack toys for storage
Talk with your kids before storing their toys, ask them about their favorite one

Make sure to have enough packing supplies

One of the most important things is to make sure you have enough packing supplies. You will need moving boxes, plastic wrap, tape, and marker pens. There are a lot of places where you can find packing supplies, so make sure you have enough of it. You should avoid using plastic bins since it can cause damage to the toys.

Choose the right storage unit before you pack toys for storage

Packing toys for storage is easy. You can do it fast with help from your kids. But you need to make sure that you choose a really good storage unit. You can search for storage rental Columbus Ohio and ask for the estimate. It depends do you plan to store the toys for a long period of time, do you need the climate-controlled unit. Those are all the factors that will affect the price. 

Start packing!

So, the best way to start packing toys for storage is to use plastic wrap or packing paper. You can place the toy on one end of the packing paper, then you can roll it. Tape it, and put it into a box. Once the box is filled – you can add some extra packing peanuts or styrofoam. That way the toys will not get damaged, even if they are stored long-term. Also, you can find a lot of DIY ideas online, so you can try some of those. It is completely up to you. The only thing that is important that the toys don’t get damaged.

toys in a box
Start packing the toys with your kid

Label boxes

Before you label the boxes, make sure to seal them properly. And make sure to label everything very clearly. You might need those toys again – and you do not want to unpack your whole storage unit searching for one toy. It is better to pack toys for storage carefully than to have any issues later. Take your time, and have fun with your kids!

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