Decluttering before a summer move

Storage TipsMay 23, 2021

No matter when or where you decide to move, packing is inevitable. Indeed, people describe it as the most difficult part of the move. Well, there’s a way to help yourself. Believe it or not, decluttering before a summer move eases up your relocation. Moreover, it saves money. Therefore, moving companies Columbus Ohio will have less work to do. In case you wonder how to declutter, don’t worry. We are here to help. Follow our advice. Certainly, you’ll try out something.

Make your preparations

We all have spaces in our homes where we store certain items. After all, seasonal or seldom-used items require that. Thus, start cleaning. Prior to your work, contact storage company Columbus Ohio. Welcome their help. Then, start from the attic, garage, basement, and closets. Surely, you’ll find something you don’t need.

 four old books
Find the things you don’t need anymore. Put them in a special pile. Downsizing can be good.

Select items for decluttering before a summer move

By all means, you have something to give away prior to calling your residential movers Columbus Ohio. Stick to one rule. It usually works. If you haven’t used the items the past year, you are ready to say goodbye to them. We will give you some suggestions.

  • books, magazines, textbooks
  • old baby items
  • unused or broken appliances
  • gifts you never liked
  • furniture
  • sports equipment
  • shoes and clothes

What to do with all the stuff you gather?

Several options are present. The choice depends on the state of your items. No one will take something broken. Thus, let’s present three basic ways.

  • throw away –  Throw everything that is broken. Recycle if possible.
  • sell – Organize a sale. Earn some extra money.
  • donate – Help someone. Feel good about it.

The sale could help you financially

Summer is definitely the best time for the move. On the other hand, it’s the most expensive too. The move during peak season has two sides. Firstly, the weather is excellent. Great for the move. Especially if you’re moving with kids. They’re off school. Nevertheless, the costs are very high. Thus, declutter before summer relocation. Sell what you can. Earn money.

someone holding a coin over a blue pig
Saving money is necessary. Use decluttering before a summer move to earn extra money.

A yard sale is excellent in the summer. Nice weather is your companion. Choose weekdays and holidays. More people will come. Hence, advertise your sale. Use Facebook. Of course, an online sale can be a good solution too.

Consider the space of your new home

In case you’re moving to a smaller home declutter before moving day. For instance, choose between two couches. There’s no space for both. Furthermore, this is the case with other things too. Select among different furniture, electronics, appliances.

Save money and time

All things considered, decluttering before a summer move is an excellent idea. You’ll save money on packing supplies. Smaller trucks and less work for the movers. Therefore, start early. Plan everything. Select items you no longer need. Leave sentimentality aside. Enjoy the new beginnings.

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