How to move during peak season?

How toApril 9, 2021

If you are about to plan your relocation in the middle of the peak moving season, which is summer, you may want to know how to go about it the right way. First, you will want to book your moving company as early as possible, to ensure that you get the date of your choice. Some of the best movers, such as Zippy Shell Greater Columbus can get quite busy in this period, and might not be able to guarantee the date otherwise. You will also want to avoid weekends and the start of the month, if you can. In this article, we will be further explaining these points, as well as providing you with several other tips on how to move during peak season.

How to prepare for the move during peak season?

Without further ado, here is what you might want to consider:

  • Book a professional mover early
  • Ask your mover about moving discounts
  • Try to avoid weekends, end and beginning of the month when moving during peak season
  • Avoid moving during the holidays if possible
  • Declutter and donate
  • Organize a babysitter for your children
  • Prepare proper clothes for the moving day if you move during peak season

If you follow the above instructions, you will have no problems in performing a relocation in the midst of the moving season. You will have great long distance movers Columbus Ohio on your side, and there will be nothing to worry about. But let’s start with one step at a time. The first thing you will want to do is:

Book a professional mover early

This is, perhaps, the most important thing that you need to do. Finding an ideal moving company for your relocation is not exactly easy, and you want to ensure that they are able to conduct your move at the time and date of your choosing. And the only way that you can accomplish that is by booking them early. A couple of months is usually enough, but if you can do it even earlier you should. That way, you will have more time to deal with the necessities of the relocation, such as finding cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, for example. Furthermore, if you book early, you will have greater negotiating power and can possibly reduce the overall cost of your move. Booking early will all but guarantee that you get to work with the movers of your choosing, as well.

female with a white hat smiling, carrying a moving box
If you want to work with a specific moving company, you will need to book them as early as possible.

Ask your mover about moving discounts

It never hurts to ask for a discount. You may think that since it is the prime moving season, that you are not eligible for any. However, many moving companies are prepared to offer discounts even at this time. You may get a lower price for one, or several, of the Columbus moving services, or you can get a flat discount on the total cost of your relocation. Or, admittedly, you may get no discount whatsoever. But asking about it does not cost you anything, you can only gain! Therefore, it is always in your best interest to ask about it, and you should do it.

Try to avoid weekends, end and beginning of the month when moving during peak season

But if you want to try and reduce the cost of your relocation by choosing the date that is more convenient for your movers, you will want to steer clear of weekends, as well as the beginning of the month. These are the times when moving companies are at their busiest, for logical reasons. Most people choose to relocate at this time, which can create a gap in the movers’ schedule during the course of the week. If you can find that gap, you will be in a great position to ask for a lower price.

Avoid moving during the holidays if possible

Try not to plan your relocation during any important holidays. Your movers want to spend their time with their loved ones or to take a well-deserved break, and holidays are the perfect time for it. Therefore, if they have to come to work these days, you can expect their wages to be higher. And it will go out of your pocket since the overall price of the relocation is going to be increased. It is best not to conduct your relocation on a national holiday if you can avoid it.

woman looking at confetti falling
It is in your best interest to enjoy the holidays, as opposed to relocating during that time.

Declutter and donate

You may also want to go through a decluttering process before your relocation. By doing so, you will reduce the cost, and the complexity of your move by a large margin, especially if you are moving long-distance. You can donate your unneeded belongings, or even organize a garage sale to boost your relocation funding. Summer is a great time for both, and you will have an easier time of it during this period.

Organize a babysitter for your children

If you are moving with a toddler, you will want to arrange it so that your child has the attention that it requires when the moving day comes. Otherwise, your attention may be split and both the kid and the relocation process might suffer for it. You are an integral part of the relocation process, after all, and you will need to be able to act freely. You can hire a professional babysitter for the occasion, or you can ask one of your family members or friends to help you out.

woman carrying a baby in her arms
Your child requires care and attention. Make sure that it receives both, even on a moving day!

Prepare proper clothes for the moving day if you move during peak season

Lastly, you will need to think about your apparel for the moving day, as well. Try to avoid open-toed shoes like the proverbial plague, and wear something that is close-fitting but not overly restricting. Your move during peak season may require you to undergo a bit of physical activity, and your clothes need to match the occasion. Consider wearing something that you would wear to the gym, for example. But the most important thing is that you are completely comfortable.



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