A Simple Guide for Relocating a Retail Store to Westerville

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You have decided on relocating a retail store to Westerville. It can be a huge improvement once you relocate to a more promising market. But before you can settle in and begin anew, you must prepare for this journey. One must organize, create a moving plan, pack, set an adequate budget, and hire one of the moving companies Columbus Ohio to assist. But do not worry because today we will provide all the info you need to prepare for your relocation. Let us make sure your business flow is intact and your assets secured.

Begin With a Plan for Relocating a Retail Store to Westerville

Before you can call your commercial movers Columbus Ohio, you must gather all the basic information that is required. You must figure out how many pieces of furniture you possess, how many shelves, counters, and lastly, products. Of course, this includes all other miscellaneous items, office equipment, warehousing tools, and everything else you use to support your business successfully. Therefore, inspect your store, products, storage, and warehouse. Make sure you note down all items that must be packed and loaded into the moving truck. Also, create a checklist with all moving-related responsibilities, errands, and tasks you must cover before the moving day.

Retail store with products
Inspect your store inside and out and create an inventory list as soon as possible.

Lastly, do not forget to thoroughly go over your budget at least a month before you set things in motion. This way you can prepare enough money to cover all expenses without hurting your budget. Once you have all the info prepared, call your movers and move forward with your relocation plans. Apart from these tasks, you will have to:

  • Talk to your employees,
  • Research Westerville’s economy,
  • Organize a sale,
  • Finish all the packing.

Inform your employees about relocating a retail store to Westerville

Large-scale relocations require everyone to be involved. When relocating a home, the entire family should pitch in. And it is the same when relocating a business. All your employees should assist if possible. Even if this means packing their stuff and preparing for the relocation. Some coworkers can assist in packing while others communicate with movers and other parties involved. Just make sure to inform them on time so everyone can organize adequately.

Learn more about Westerville’s economy

We are sure you have gathered all the information about the economy and the job market before you relocate a retail store to Westerville. If not, this is what we can say about it. These are the most important facts you must know before making any changes to your business. Consider the following:

  • The unemployment rate in Westerville is 4.6% while the US average is 6.0%
  • The job market has increased by 1.1% in the previous year with the prediction to increase by 35% over the next decade. It is almost 3% higher than the national average.
  • The income tax rate is 5.2% compared to the US average of 4.6%
  • The sales tax rate is 7.5% compared to the US average of 7.2%
  • The US average yearly income is $28.550 while in Westerville we have $38.200 per resident per year.
People preparing a plan for relocating a retail store to Westerville
Go through your assets and budget before relocating a retail store to Westerville

As you can see, this is a steady market with a stable economy. Yes, the growth is slow but steady which is good for retailers who intend on supplying a certain neighborhood for a while. Although, you should do the math and research a bit more simply because the nature of your business and the items you are supplying to the market might be in higher/lower demand. Therefore, the numbers might vary for some products quite a bit.

Organize a pre-move sale

Something that will make relocating a retail store to Westerville much easier is a pre-move sale. If you do it right, you will get a portion of your investment back which will increase your budget momentarily and make other investments easier. More importantly, you will have fewer items to relocate to your new store. So, if you are a store manager, organize a pre-move sale and get rid of the excess items you had piled up in the warehouse. At the same time, organize with your suppliers to restock the missing items at the new store location. This way you won’t pay for the delivery. And if you do not do it this way, you will have to relocate everything and pay for the transport.

One thing to be aware of is the timeline. You shouldn’t empty your stock unless you are 100% sure that it will be refilled for the grand opening. Once you are at the new location for the first time, your store should be at its prime and stocked to the rafters. Lastly, think about renting one of the storage units Westerville Ohio for the excess inventory you possess. You might need to reorganize your new space as well and if you lack space or have no time to do it right now, having a storage unit is always a plus.

Pack and secure your inventory

Probably the most important part of your move is securing the inventory. This applies both to your assets and products. You will have two or more moving trucks appointed. One to transport the furniture and shelving systems and the other for products. In most cases, there are more than two trucks and this is something you must figure out with your movers. Of course, you can always decide on renting a moving truck and packing everything by yourself. But we highly recommend not to do so unless you already have an established network of carriers with the appropriate knowledge, vehicles, and tools required for relocating a retail store to the city of Westerville.

A mover and a customer talking
The safest way is to let your movers pack the entire batch and relocate your business safely.

As you may know, you’ll need hundreds of cardboard boxes, a ton of bubble wrap, and a lot of packing tape. This is something you can secure with a single click online and for affordable pricing. We recommend doing so and significantly lowering the chances of any mishaps during packing and transport.

Let Professional Movers Do What They Do Best

In the end, we highly recommend enlisting long distance movers Columbus Ohio for this project. Simply because the cargo you are transporting is far too valuable. It holds your investment, and it should reach the other side unharmed. So, check online and find the moving company you like the most. Aim for the commercial moving team. The team with all the knowledge, experience, and tools required for relocating a business. And no matter if you are a franchise or a private business, you can still have all the amenities one reputable and professional moving company provides. Talk to your moving representative and forge a flawless moving plan.

Now you know what relocating a retail store to Westerville should look like. More importantly, you know how to cover each step in this process. All you must do once you successfully relocate is to set up your new store and dive into the new market. A bright future awaits you.

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