Choosing the best place in Ohio to raise children

Top places in OhioFebruary 7, 2021

Ohio is not only a national leader in college football and presidential political success but it’s also a premium geographical region for young families, too. Football and politics aside, The Buckeye State is a truly attractive location to settle down and raise children. Zippy Shell Greater Columbus has searched and found the communities in Ohio that could present the best place in Ohio to raise children. Our list of communities can provide young families with the best combination of solid schools, friendly neighbors, and affordable housing. Here’s our thorough analysis of more than 180 cities, towns, and census-designated places in Ohio.

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Did you know that Ohio is currently home to 25 Fortune 500 companies?

Ohio is relatively expensive

Secondly, the unemployment rate has been fluctuating around 4.8% for some years. This is almost a full point below the national average. What more proof could you want that Ohio has come a long way in the last few years? If you are seeking employment, this could be the place for you with all the startups popping up.

Thirdly, the average property value in the top 10 cities is $201,140. We can also offer you a full guide to successfully purchase a home, and you can read it if you click on the link. This number is almost 60% higher than the statewide median home worth of $123,700. However, if you compare these numbers with the national average of $176,700, properties in Ohio’s (even most expensive cities) are still relatively affordable. So let’s narrow down the best place in Ohio to raise children.

1. Why could Springboro be the best place in Ohio to raise children?

Springboro is a small town but it has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It offers an easy (read: speedy) access to Cincinnati and Dayton. With more than half of residents who are in their twenties and older having at least a bachelor’s degree, Ohio is double over the state average. Still, Springboro has maintained a community-oriented flair.

2. Pickerington

  • Also known as the Violet Capital of Ohio, Pickerington is where all the youngsters live. When the city was first settled in the late 18th century, endless fields of violets appeared in the area. This is where (or rather when) Pickerington got its nickname. Because it is Ohio’s epicenter of young energy, it may be the best place in Ohio to raise children! In fact, it boasts a percentage of people who are much younger than the rest of the state.
  • Therefore, it is no wonder that 40% of families include married couples with children. And this is the most impressive figure when we compare data statewide. Aside from this family friendliness, if our local movers Columbus Ohio relocate you to Pickerington you’ll be able to pick a wonderful home from an affordable real estate market, where properties sell for around $184,000

3. Why is Mason potentially the best place in Ohio to raise children?

First and foremost, the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tennis tournament series has put this fun town on the map! But if tennis doesn’t make it hip and attractive for you, visit it because of the Luxottica Retail and Cintas. As one of the potentially best places in Ohio to raise a family, Mason boasts the highest grades of quality from GreatSchools.To solidify its strong and diversified economy, it boasts a sizable Procter & Gamble branch office.

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The annual Christmas in Historic Springboro Festival is the largest three-day holiday festival in The Buckeye State.

4. Hilliard

Hilliard is located only 18 miles outside Columbus. However, this emerging municipality that is currently growing over 30,000 people residing there, wants to create its own steady industry and entertainment community. What showcases its independent economic success in the best possible way, are the small businesses that are popping up downtown. 

5. Why is Solon possibly the best place in Ohio to raise children?

Towns like Solon are leading the way in the emerging digital world. But, remember, a state such as Ohio was founded on manufacturing and transportation. Despite this fact, Google recognized this quaint little town as Ohio’s top online business community. Two years in a row! By focusing on this rising digital economy, Solon has been able to create better jobs for its residents. Thus, becoming one of our top picks among the best cities in Ohio to raise children. The fact that it’s one of the four towns in the top 10 with the most outstanding rating at GreatSchools also helps.

6. Could Hudson be the best place in Ohio to raise children?

Hudson is a little bit of an intellectual center in the North Coast. The average home value here is $290,000. And yes, is the highest in the top 10, but for that price, you’ll get a school system with a perfect 10 from GreatSchools. Furthermore, after moving here, you’ll find a wonderful community where more than two-thirds of residents 25 and older have at least a bachelor’s degree.

7. Norton

Good news, the median home value in Norton is around $138,500 – the lowest in our top 10. After moving to Norton, you will be looking forward to the Cider Festival, the town’s most prominent annual celebration. If you are lucky enough to be a golfer, nearby Firestone Country Club is a stop on the PGA Tour and it is, quite rightfully, one of the best courses in the country.

8. Wadsworth

This suburban Akron town was the birthplace of Blue Tip Matches, the favorite of the most popular cigar smoker in history. The town’s biggest annual festival, the Blue Tip Festival, is held in honor of this fact.

9. Harrison

The complete renovation of downtown Harrison in 2000 has created a type of renaissance for this small community. New local businesses, galleries, and restaurants have revitalized the town. The increase in medial family income of 68% is the second-best rate in the top 10.

hands holding a heart to frame the american flag
Ohio is all about the famous Midwest appeal. Moreover, young families seeking a slice of true Americana will love living here.

10. Could Rocky River be the best place in Ohio to raise children?

Finally, this town is booming with median family incomes increasing by 87% since 2000. It is no surprise that young families are flocking to the Rocky River. Families are also attracted by the schools and the cost of living. Namely, Rocky River has a mark of 10 from GreatSchools, and the lowest median home value at $200,000.

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