Best dorm room storage solutions for juniors

Storage PreparationNovember 4, 2020

Dorms can get pretty cramped with all the stuff you and your roommates might want to bring in. You will need to employ some creative dorm room storage solutions for juniors if you want to have all your things in. It is no problem whatsoever to arrange for moving and storage Columbus Ohio, but organizing all your belongings in a dorm room might be a bit tricky. And that is where this article comes in. We are going to present you with seven really cool solutions so you can make the most out of your room.

Top 7 dorm room storage solutions for juniors!

Here are our top “cheats” for having more storage in your dorm room:

  • Bedside storage
  • Overbed shelving
  • Over fridge rack
  •  Zip-up storage bags!
  • Drawer dividers
  • Over the door shoe rack!
  • Storage Mirror!
One of the dorm room storage solutions – Bedside storage.

Bedside storage

First on our list is a nifty little bag that you can hang on the side of your bed. It is perfect for keeping your phone, journals, tablets, and even some snacks nearby. It will utilize the space that is readily available and otherwise unused. This is a really great example of dorm room storage solutions that are cheap and easy to implement. If all your roommates do the same, you are going to be able to fit in many more things inside the room than you otherwise could. But that is just the start. We have plenty of additional solutions coming your way. Next up is:

Overbed shelving

The space above your bed is ideal for creating a small shelving unit. It will use the vertical space above your head, providing you with much-needed storage space. This is a great way to free up your dorm room for extra items. It can also serve as a “showpiece” where you can place any decor of your choosing. Nothing gets mounted to the walls so you are safe from any rules or regulations your dorm might have.

The only thing you might need to worry about is your mischievous roommate. It is really easy to spook you into rising from the bed and hit your head on the shelf, spilling the contents all over yourself. But that is why your first shelf needs to be way above your head, to prevent any such shenanigans.

Over fridge rack

Every dorm has a mini-fridge. Why not use the vertical space above it to add even more storage to your room. You can store anything but it is perfect for snacks and various pantry items. There are several such racks on the market, readily available. If you don’t want to put any items in short term storage, you need to utilize everything at your disposal. You can even build your own rack and fully customize it, it is not really that hard. Or you can have one custom-made for you, whatever you find best.

Just make sure that you set the ground rules about using that space with your roommate. It is pretty convenient and it can easily become a point of contention.

person looking into the fridge
Create more storage space –  over the fridge rack is a great idea!

Great dorm room storage solutions for juniors – Zip-up storage bags!

Yet another way to utilize the space around the bed. But this time, we are going under. If you invest in some zip-up storage bags which you can place under the bed, you will be able to get the absolute maximum from the space below. If you simply toss the items under the bed, that is not terribly efficient. But these bags are. With them, you can store much more of your seasonal clothing and extra linens, with the extra perk of not having any dust on them! If your goal is to have as much storage space as you can get, acquiring some under-bed bags is a great way to accomplish it.

Drawer dividers

While these can not exactly provide you with more space, drawer dividers will be of immense help in organizing your drawers. And the organization of your things can be really important. It will allow you to create new and interesting patterns and to always know where your things are. If you’ve never used dividers, this is the perfect time to join that club. They are actually amazing and can make your dorm experience a lot better.

Invest in a couple of those and see the envy of your peers when your drawers have that impeccable look to them.

Over the door shoe rack!

If you have a lot of shoes, consider storing them vertically instead of traditionally on the ground. This rack goes over the door and it can fit as many as 20 pairs of shoes. Place it on the closet door to really maximize your storing potential. It may get a bit heavy in the winter, truth to be told, but that is a small price to pay for such a convenience. The racks themselves are really light but if you use them to their full capacity, they have the potential to become really heavy indeed.

two pair of shoes
Create over the door shoe rack and save up some space.

One of the dorm room storage solutions for juniors – Storage Mirror!

Finally, every dorm room needs a mirror. You know, to see if any of your nightly activities show up on your morning face. But what if you add storage space to this mirror. Yes, it can’t be really that large as it will cramp up the room, but it is a perfect place to store some lighter items such as jewelry. Or anything that is thin and not really that heavy.

You can also use the space for storing any papers or posters, they fit the description of thin quite nicely. If you make the mirror storage thin and inconspicuous, it can serve as an excellent hiding place, as well. All juniors love their hiding places, after all, and this can be something that you can have a lot of fun with. And you can never have enough fun in your life.

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