How to make sure you get accurate moving quotes?

How toNovember 2, 2020

Moving homes is a complicated and stressful business, and in such a situation nobody would you blame if you wanted to take the easy way out. You could easily hire the first moving company that pop-ups on Google or shows up in your yellow pages. However, you should always resist that urge. While it can be a hassle to find a professional moving company, you will save money and time down the line. A big part of hiring movers is the need to make sure you get accurate moving quotes. Our guide will explain what you should do, or you can contact movers Columbus to help you out.

Get Your Moving Quotes As Fast As You Can

You should always plan ahead, no matter what. This includes making sure you get accurate moving quotes. First off, if you manage to hire a moving company well ahead of the moving date, you will have more free time to prepare for the actual move. Second, if you book a company ahead of schedule, you are likely to get a better price. When most movers are booked, you don’t have much leeway to negotiate the price. If most of them are free, you have the chance to save a substantial amount of money with a bit of shrewd negotiating.

Moving trucks on road.
Hiring movers in advance can save you money.

Hire Movers During The Off-Season

This is a part of the plan ahead advice, but requires a little more flexibility. Summer is peak moving season and most long distance movers Columbus Ohio are already booked during this time. If it is not imperative for you to move during summer, consider moving during spring or autumn. You can get cheap moving quotes for moving during winter, but it’s not recommended. Winter moving is far too complicated and you should avoid it, if possible. However, if your schedule allows it, moving during spring or autumn is as easy as during summer. The prices will be lower and the move will practically pay for itself.

Get Your Agent To Do an In-home Estimate

You can get moving quotes over the phone, but the best way is to get your moving agent to your house. This way they can see for themselves how much items you own and how hard it will be to pack and transport. If you want to make sure you get accurate moving quotes, try to avoid an over-the-phone estimate. You can get moving quotes Columbus Ohio via the internet too, but, once again, getting an in-person check is much better.

Man doing estimate.
Get an in-house estimate to make sure you get accurate moving quotes.

Avoid Too-Good-To-Be-True Offers

As with most things in life, if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. There is a distinction between cheap and impossible-to-accomplish moving services. If the offer seems too low, maybe they conveniently “forgot” include gas or labor fees. Make sure that you get a binding estimate in writing. That way you can make sure you get accurate moving quotes that the movers have to honor. Otherwise, you can take them to court. As a last piece of advice, get moving quotes from 3 or 4 moving companies to see if they are in the same range. In such cases, you know you are good to go and simply choose the offer that suits you best. Good luck with your move!

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