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Moving to another place is the start of a new life journey. Choosing the right place to move into is very crucial. You can always change the color of walls, build a new fence and redecorate your garden. But you can never change the location of your new home. Therefore, look up peaceful places with little traffic and beautiful nature. One of those places is Galloway. It’s a small community in Franklin County, Ohio. It has about 27 000 residents and is very close to Columbus. There are many benefits of living in this community. If you are considering moving to Galloway, one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio lets you in on the benefits of living in Galloway!

The main benefits of living in Galloway

There are many benefits of living in Galloway. One has to be its location. It’s only 9 miles from Columbus. However, it is still in the quiet part. No traffic and noise usually come with suburbs of bigger cities. Galloway is a community that grows each day due to its location. You are close to the city but still far from all the negative aspects. You can drive to a shopping mall, but if life gets too stressful, you can return home and enjoy the beautiful nature. Galloway Sports Complex and Mentel Memorial Golf Course are two great recreational centers, especially for golf lovers. Other than good location, other benefits include:

  • Good health standards
  • Good livability
  • A wonderful option for younger people
  • A fantastic opportunity for new business
A brown house with blue roof in Galloway
Most of the houses in Galloway are of a newer age.

Good health standards

Galloway has good health standards due to its location. There is much less air pollution due to a smaller percentage of cars and transportation. There is also a beautiful nature, for which Galloway is known for. Examples are Battelle Darby Creek, Galloway Sports Complex, and Mentel Memorial Golf Course. Beautiful nature, peaceful area, and clean air lessen up anxiety and stress levels of its residents.

Since residents of Galloway live in houses, they usually have gardens as well. That can be a good thing for growing your vegetables or flowers, which is productive and also great for battling stress and anxiety. Another reason to move here is healthcare. Healthcare costs are 26% lower than average, which is a significant amount. Therefore, if you consider moving to Galloway, good health standards are just one of the reasons to hire residential movers Columbus Ohio and move to Galloway.

Good livability- benefit of living here

Another benefit is good livability. House prices are 13% lower than average prices in the USA. Rent for a house with 4 bedrooms is circa $1200, which is way lower than in the rest of Ohio. Healthcare is 26% lower than average. Grocery prices and utilities are also lower. Food is about 20% lower than in Columbus, which is a big deal. Since the average household income is circa 80 000 per year, living in Galloway is more than affordable. Galloway also has a small crime rate and a small unemployment rate. Unemployment is around 3,5%. 

Galloway has 4 public schools and 1 private school. There are no colleges in Galloway. But, since Galloway is close to Columbus, that is not an issue. Therefore, this city is fantastic for families, singles, college students, and anyone who wants to save up a significant amount of money.

A man taking a dollar from his wallet
Good livability is another of the benefits of living in Galloway.

A wonderful option for younger people

Galloway is great for younger people. It is a very young neighborhood with the median age being 35. About 70% of residents live with their families. Since location, livability, and prices are good, Galloway is an excellent option for younger people, especially families, and college graduates. Since it is close to the city, it’s fine for students who do not live on campus, but it’s also suitable for people working in the city. Galloway also has many entertainment locations such as bars and pubs. Galloway is also pretty safe, which is another benefit. If you are moving with a tight budget or want to save up for something in the future, using storage units Galloway Ohio and moving here is the best option.

A fantastic option for new business is a benefit of living in Galloway

Most of the residents of Galloway work in private businesses, and only 6% have their businesses. Since this is a smaller community, it is great for new companies. If you have a unique business, you probably will not have too many competitors. However, even if you have some competitors, there will not be too many, unlike in bigger cities.

If you decide to rent a studio for your new business or office, you will not pay much than 600$, which is way lower than in bigger cities. Costs of utilities and other costs are way lower, which will be good for your budget. One of the benefits is nature. It is a great inspiration for artists, and can also be used for gardening, growing your produce, and growing flowers. Those are some things you are unable to do in larger places due to the lack of space. Therefore, if you plan on starting a new business, hiring local movers Columbus is a must.

Two girls discussing the Benefits of living in Galloway
Galloway is a perfect spot for starting a small business due to its good livability.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Galloway is a great place to move. It’s a fast-growing community that unites urban life and nature. It has beautiful nature, low living costs, and low unemployment. It’s pretty safe and has a low crime rate. Galloway also has great health standards, unlike some other places. Those are just some of the benefits of living in a Galloway. Another benefit is having access to important information.  For example, you can get a list of registered offenders, their full names, and address. This is a good news option for those with kids or living alone since it shows that this community cares about the security of its residents.  If you choose to move here, you won’t be making a mistake. We wish you a pleasant life in Galloway!

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