What to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus?

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You have decided on leaving Columbus and you are slowly making your way toward the Lewis Center. It is a great choice as long as you know where you are heading. You must learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus and realize the potential of your new environment. Moreover, if you learn enough, you will have a much easier time adapting. So, let us help you prepare, find one of the moving companies Columbus Ohio, and learn enough about Lewis Center. Let’s dive right in.

The basic history to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus

Before you start searching for the perfect set of moving services Columbus Ohio and start packing, you should learn a bit about the place you are relocating to. So, you should know that Lewis Center was established in 1850 but nothing much happened there for the next four decades. People were building a railroad, and working on farms, and such a hard laboring community was quiet and secluded for a while.

there is enough history to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus
Lewis Center preserved most of the old architecture and farmers’ lifestyle.

It is worth mentioning that the name comes from William M. Lewis who gave his land so Lewis Center can have one of the first railroads in the US. But in the 1990s this place became something much more. Due to farming and the way the community preserved their old lifestyle and architecture, this place became a tourist attraction. Many businesses opened up following the economic boom and Lewis Center grew up pretty quickly. Now it is a promising place for anyone who desires to live in a diverse and strong community surrounded by astonishing nature.

The demographics of Lewis Center

We are sure you’ll love Lewis Center and the great sense of community it has. The population is around 30k which means you will often encounter neighbors and acquaintances when you are out and about. What is more important is that the average age is around 32 so you’ll have plenty of younger crowd to hang out with. And even though more than 70% of residents are married couples, you’ll still have enough room to find a partner. And once you do, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with strong values when it comes to children, family, and marriage. All in all, Lewis Center is a diverse place and a perfect one to start a family or retire in.

Career and schooling opportunities

Another thing to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus is the economy and opportunities. Lewis Center has a stable economy and median price somewhere in the middle when compared to the national average. The cost of real estate is slightly above average with homes at around $300k. At least bills, groceries, and other monthly expenses are below average. But where this place excels is the job market. Not only that you can easily find a job inside Lewis Center, but there are several major cities right next to it where you can seek employment. Commuting shouldn’t be more than 40 min no matter what you choose.

a statue with wording Ohio on it
Just like in other places in Ohio, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a job in Lewis Center.

As for the schools, you will be glad to hear that Olentangy Local School District is one of the best in the US. Given that it is the fifth-largest district in OH, it offers a great choice for students of all ages. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a great place for your kids.

The great outdoors

This is surely a place for nature lovers. You will be amazed by all the caverns, woods, hiking trails, parks, and other open spaces. If you’re worried about all the equipment you need, just rent storage units Lewis Center Ohio to keep them in. Also, you will love the fact that neighborhoods are family-friendly and there are many playgrounds and parks to bring your family with kids. But next to all the open space and nature that surrounds you, Lewis Center does not lack other fun activities as well. The choice is vast when it comes to indoor activities for you, your children, and the rest of the family.

A fun side to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus

Even though Lewis Center is small and slow-paced, there is a lot to do. People here have a wide choice of how to entertain and spend quality time with their families. Soon you will do the same. But first, let us show you what you must learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus. The fun side of it in particular. For starters, there are a ton of shopping places, malls, great restaurants, and coffee places. But as we have mentioned before, people in Lewis Center love the great outdoors and all the green and lush areas they possess. Therefore, the best time you’ll have here is in one of the open areas. Consider visiting the following places:

  • Olentangy Indian Caverns
  • Highbanks Metro Park
  • North Orange Park
  • Alum Creek Beach Trifecta
  • Nature’s Splash Pad at Shale Hollow Park
  • Glen Oak Park
wooden bridge in the woods
The untamed beauty of Ohio. Soon you’ll become a part of it.

We are sure you’ll find the best place for you and your family. Just make sure to check each online before you visit. You want to know all about fees, restrictions, etc.

Get ready for moving

Now that you know enough about the Lewis Center, you should start preparing for the relocation. The first thing you must do is to inspect all your belongings. Check out all the rooms and note down all furniture and other items on your moving checklist. And you should inspect the environment as well to be sure your home is safe to work in. Once you have this info, you can start working on your moving budget. Also, this is a moment to begin your search for residential movers Columbus Ohio. While searching for movers, make sure they are reputable, experienced, well-equipped, and licensed. Moreover, you want to aim for affordable service and the right set of moving services for your relocation.

That was all you had to learn about Lewis Center before moving from Columbus. It is surely enough, to begin with. Hopefully, it will help you to settle in and adapt in no time. Good luck and have an amazing time in your new neighborhood.

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