4 tips for a successful military relocation in New Albany

Moving PreparationJune 18, 2022

New Albany is a small city in Ohio State. It has about 10 000 residents and is one of the Columbus suburban areas. Even though it is a smaller place, it has beautiful nature. Rocky Fork and Blacklick Creek are just two of the examples of its beauty. New Albany is also known for its good livability. Crime rates are low and unemployment is only 4%. The number of high school graduates is 99%, higher than average in the USA. The only thing that can be a problem is the cost of living. Groceries, utilities, healthcare, and transportation are lower than average in the USA. However, housing prices are double or triple the average prices. Therefore, to help you relocate after or during the military, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus gives you four most important tips for a successful military relocation in New Albany!

Important tips for a successful military relocation in New Albany

Military relocations are pretty similar to regular relocations. The only difference is that soldiers usually prefer smaller and more peaceful areas. That is why New Albany is the perfect option. However, to relocate as safely and securely as possible, our 4. relocation tips are:

  • Take your time to find a new home before moving
  • Save up for “bad days”
  • Choose a moving company
  • Keep track of everything
A moving worker moving boxes
Choosing a good moving company is crucial for successful military relocation in New Albany.

Find a new home before moving to New Albany

If you are not living in the military accommodation, you will need to find your own place. It is better to find your new home before relocating than relocating and trying to find something then. Taking your time and finding what you like is the most important thing. After all, buying a house is much different than buying a dress or furniture. Also, keep in mind that the location of your new home is crucial. You can change the facade, repaint the walls and add decorations. However, you cannot lower the noise and traffic in your immediate area. 

Choosing a few options and seeing the homes in real life will help you compare the pictures and real-life versions. You can trust that real estate agent if the pictures represent the home accordingly. You will also be able to see if there are things that can be repaired, repainted, or changed. One tip is to visit a potential home during the rain. This will allow you to see whether pipes or windows are leaking. It will also show you whether the electricity, mobile service and internet work during bad weather. These are some reasons you should find your new home before hiring military movers OH in your local area.

Save up for “bad days”

Saving up before moving is a common practice. You cannot move without any money. Even though the military covers most costs, it’s best to still have some savings for “bad days”. The military will usually pay most of your costs in advance. However, if something breaks down or is damaged, you will need money for repair. For example – if your kids break a window, you will need to repair it. Even if nothing happens, you can invest the money in a good security system, which will make you and your family feel more secure. You can also install motion sensor lights, which will help you see better while saving up the electricity. 

Coins and bank notes saved up for a successful military relocation in New Albany
Saving up for a move is a common knowledge.

Choose the right moving company

Choosing a good moving company is one of the tips for a successful military relocation in New Albany. It is best to get a reference from either your colleagues or friends. That is the safest way of finding a good moving company, especially if you’re looking for someone experienced in military moving. You can look up a company and look at moving reviews as well. That will help you see the real experiences and decide whether you want to hire that mover. After doing so, contact them in advance. Tell them when and where you plan on moving. Scheduling everything will help you prepare on time. It will also give you time to think about whether you need services such as storage units New Albany Ohio or not. After getting the estimate, your superiors will pay for the moving costs.

Keep track of everything you own before relocating to New Albany

Keeping track of everything will help you organize better. That goes for packing as well. Throw out everything you do not need before packing. Decide if you can donate or sell them, and then do so. When you clear up your living space you have fewer things to pack. Pack everything smartly and use every bag, tote bag, purse, or suitcase to pack things up. Label boxes and take pictures of everything before sealing them shut. By doing so, you will have evidence if something is damaged. Moreover, take pictures of everything that will go to storage rental in Columbus Ohio. This will help you organize your inventory better. We recommend taking pictures of your documents as well. They are the first thing you should pack before moving. You all put them in one box you will carry with you.

Before moving, we recommend that you change your address. That goes for your ID, utilities, bank account information, mail, etc. By doing so you do not risk losing mail and being punished for not paying utilities on time

A mailbox
Changing your address before moving prevents mail loss.

Organizing a military relocation in New Albany

Another tip is for families with kids. We recommend looking up transportation and schools in New Albany and its vicinity. If you have kids, you need to make sure they get the best possible education. Since New Albany is only 15 miles from Columbus, it has good transportation and connects to other cities. That means it has many options, both for lower and higher education.

To sum it up, tips for a successful military relocation in New Albany go for regular relocations as well. Its best if you find a home before moving and save up for “bad days”. Also, hire a reliable mover and keep track of your goods. Also, we recommend changing your address before moving to prevent mixing up mail and bills. Good luck!

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