Affordable military moving: here’s how you do it

Packing GuideMay 22, 2020

Moving is pretty hard as it is, but moving in the military means dealing with plenty of red tape and paperwork. If you are looking into Affordable military moving, then soon you’ll be navigating a lot of confusing rules and regulations. On the bright side, you’ll have many educational resources and counseling services available for you and your family. And you get to travel to your country or the world! In this article, we will cover the general things you must do to prepare for your move. But we will also advise you who you’ll need to contact to help you plan for your move financially. Zippy Shell Columbus is here to assist you in navigating the many moving options available to you. You can relax now, no matter how short-notice your move is or how many family members you are moving to. Now let’s get started!

The money you can save on affordable military moving
While you are traveling to your new base, you’ll be paid per diem for food and other miscellaneous daily expenses. The amount paid varies.

Contact the Appropriate Agencies right away

Your move will go much more smoothly if you contact specific agencies for help. Do it as soon as you are notified that you will be relocating. There is absolutely no need to wait for the official orders to come through. You can and you should start planning before you receive PCS Orders if you want to get better deals on moving quotes. Here are a few of the most important steps you will want to do. Skip the middle man if you want your PCS move to be affordable:

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

This is the agency you should contact to request your Permanent Change of Station Orders. You’ll need your military movers to arrange your move and many other details of your PCS. But you need to make sure to do this as soon as possible and keep checking in to get your orders as fast as you can.

Affordable military moving will go smoother if you contact your new housing office

As soon as you find out you are relocating, immediately call the housing office at your new base. They will put you on the housing waiting list if you plan to live on-base. This will ensure that you unpack into a home as quickly as possible and reduces your moving costs substantially. However, even if you plan to live off-base, they are great at recommending good areas. House office might even have relationships with real estate agents and landlords to help you score housing at an affordable price.

Coins in a jar
To arrange travel reimbursements, work with your local Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO). They will help you fill out all the necessary forms and arrange everything.

Affordable military moving and family support center

As soon as you receive the notice of your Permanent Change of Station, you should contact your Military and Family Support Center right away to schedule an appointment with a relocation assistance specialist. Note that this office goes by slightly different names depending on your branch of service. Either way, its staff can help you prepare for your affordable military moving by giving you additional tips on budgeting! They can also educate you on the different types of moves available, and resources on finding a job at your next duty station. Remember, it’s all free of charge! Feel free to rely on them if you want to arrange childcare on moving days.

Affordable military moving entitlements

When organizing a PCS move, you are likely eligible for many entitlements that are there to help offset the cost of your move. Make sure you educate yourself about your possible entitlements for affordable military moving. Here’s a quick guide of some of the entitlements you may qualify for:

1. Advanced travel payment

You can apply for this affordable military moving entitlement before your relocation to help offset upfront costs. Some service members choose to take this route if they are moving on short notice. This allows for a government-contracted mover to complete their move.

2. Affordable military moving: Dislocation Allowance

Before your move, you can apply for DLA to cover the costs of your upcoming relocation. This will cover expenses like transferring your utilities and home services, forwarding mail and packages, and various other things that are not covered by other reimbursements or allowances we mentioned. Remember – the amount you’ll be paid varies depending on rank.

3. Lodging

If you are traveling over 500 miles, ask for lodging expenses reimbursement. The government only pays a limited amount, though. Usually, it’s enough to pay for a room at a mid-range hotel.
Sometimes when you arrive at your new duty station, your housing may not yet be available. The government generally pays for up to 10 days of temporary lodging, which covers residency and food. But you can’t use this on the same days you use per diem. Just let your moving company know that you can’t yet accept the delivery of your belongings. Moving companies store them for over a month for you, so no need to worry.

4. Basic Housing Allowance (BHA)

If you will not be living on-base, you may be eligible to receive this Basic Housing Allowance (BHA). Which are non-taxable funds to pay for rent?

5. Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)

If you will not be moving into government quarters, you are eligible for a non-taxable Overseas Housing Allowance. You’ll receive it on a monthly basis to cover rent. This may also include a utility allowance in conjunction with your OHA.

A man behind a driving wheel
If you will be stationed overseas, you can ship one vehicle there and back with you, courtesy of the government.

6. Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA)

If you have to live in privately-owned or rented housing when you move overseas, this Allowance covers miscellaneous one-time costs in connection to your move. You have to be receiving OHA to be eligible for this entitlement. After you receive it, you may use it to pay non-refundable deposits, buy necessary appliances, install security, along with all the other improvements necessary for safe and comfortable living.

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