College move-in day advice for parents

Before The MoveJanuary 6, 2022

For every student and parent as well, attending college is a huge chapter of their lives. While this is a highly anticipated day, college move-in day can be a very challenging and emotional for everyone. One of the best moving companies in Columbus Ohio, is here to share some college move-in day advice for parents. If you do not feel prepared, there are several things you can do to make the day go smoother.

Familiarize with the dorm room

The best college move-in day advice is to be prepared and learn what the dorms allow students to bring, and relieve yourself of potential headaches. Colleges usually share a list of items that students can bring and ones that are prohibited as well. This is very useful to know, so you don’t get in the situation where you will have to search for boxes to remove some items. Try to do it by yourself or research about moving quotes Columbus Ohio offers. You may want to leave everything to professionals. Additionally, before arriving on campus, make sure you have a map of the area. Find the nearest parking spot to your child’s room so you don’t lose time on the big moving day.

A student studying
Students, as well as parents, need to prepare for the big move-in day in college.

Get acquainted with their future roommate

It would be best for your child to get to know their future roommate in advance. They can contact them in the summer and discuss what they will bring to college. That way they will avoid having double items and it can be very helpful. This way you can also meet their parents and talk to them more. If you are not sure if all the items will fit, dorm room storage solutions are the best! You can rent one and temporarily keep all of the items your child will might need.

Pack the essentials first

Don’t try to pack their entire bedroom. Make a list of things that they need to have in the beginning and double-check it. For example sheets, computers, school equipment, first aid kits, hygiene products, etc. You can easily send them the rest of the items when they need them. Or a better option is hiring a storage company in Columbus Ohio that can store all of the items and your children can visit it when they need to. That way you will not overpack or fill the room with unnecessary items.

Parents ready to say goodbye to their child after reading college move-in day advice
To get organized for sending your child to college, make sure to hear some college move-in day advice.

Plan the travel in advance

Once you have packed everything, organize your trip in advance. Of course, it depends on how far the college is and how long do you have to travel. You can rent a van to transport all of your belongings. The best option is hiring professionals and let them arrange the entire trip. They will make sure that everything goes fast and smoothly. Any college move-in day advice that you follow will relieve your stress when this day arrives.

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