When Can You Expect Most Affordable Storage Services

Storage SolutionsMarch 23, 2023

Looking for the most affordable storage services is a great solution when you have too many belongings but not enough space to store them. There is a way to get a handle on your stored items so your home is not cluttered, and that is opting for storage containers Columbus Ohio. Before you look for storage units to store your belongings, you need to plan the timing. Generally, storage prices change throughout the year and for this reason, it’s important to know when can you expect affordable storage services.

Expect affordable storage services in winter

The best time to rent a storage unit is winter. Even though this may sound odd, the cold weather months aren’t very convenient for people to move their belongings. And that’s why the demand is low in the winter months meaning that you can find lots of quality storage units at lower prices. But even though renting a storage unit in the winter is cheap, there are some downsides to it:

affordable storage units in the winter
Winter is the best time for most affordable storage services
  • Bad weather: Cold winter weather can make storing your belongings in dorm room storage solutions challenging. You might even slip and fall on the ground while you have boxes in your hands. And driving to the storage unit is also a challenging task.
  • You will need to waterproof your belongings: Because winter can be slightly unpredictable, you will need to take care of your items. Wrap and pack them to protect them from moisture and water.
  • You will need a climate-controlled unit: Winter isn’t the only season that requires a climate-controlled storage unit. However, it’s the most dangerous one, especially when it comes to belongings that can’t withstand freezing temperatures.

On the other hand, you can save money by renting a storage unit in the winter consider hiring Columbus moving companies. They will help you move your belongings to a storage unit. This way, you’ll avoid any chance of hurting yourself or breaking your items.

Fall, spring, and summer and most affordable storage services

As you can see, you can expect the most affordable storage services in the winter. But in case you don’t want to rent a storage unit in the winter, we’ve covered the advantages and disadvantages of fall, spring, and summer.


Some storage rental companies decrease their prices in the fall because the demand isn’t that high for storage space. However, vehicles and boats might cost more to store in the fall so keep that in mind.


The springtime weather can make finding a storage container quite difficult. People are moving in the spring and storage space is in demand. Also, it’s time for home decluttering and spring cleaning. But if you find some storage units in the spring, don’t be surprised that it costs more than during other seasons.

Storage units outside
There can be many discounts on storage units


Summer is probably the worst time to look for storage units. The warm weather brings costly prices and competition from college students and families who are also looking for storage containers.

You can always find affordable storage

You can find most affordable storage services if you plan the timing of your rental. But winter months are probably your best shot to find storage that won’t cost you a fortune while fall, springs, and summer are slightly more expensive. Also, if you’re planning to move your items to a storage unit, consider getting moving quotes Columbus Ohio. They can safely and efficiently move your belongings to a storage unit.

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