What to wear on moving day

Moving Day TipsFebruary 5, 2019

When it comes to moving most people think about big things. Where to find boxes, how to pack your possessions, where to find commercial movers Columbus Ohio, how to find reliable storage, how are you going to plan your relocation… All of those are important questions and you definitely need to answer some or all of them before your relocate. But, what people usually forget are the smaller parts of relocation. Things like who will take care of your dog during relocation, what to wear on moving day and who to notify when moving are not as complicated as the aforementioned problems. But, nevertheless you need to figure out these things, and we are going to help you with what to wear.

Thinking about what to wear on a moving day
When considering what to wear on moving day you need to think of both safety and comfort.

What to wear on moving day depends on the weather

Just like the clothes you wear in every occasion depend on the weather so will your moving day clothes. Now, if your move is soon, you will be able to figure out what to wear on moving day without any issues. But, if your move is happening during changeable weather, you will need to plan ahead and carefully prepare the clothes you are going to wear. A common moving mistake is to not plan your outfit and wear improper clothes during your moving day.

What to wear during the warmer months

Warmer months often mean that you will dress down. While shorts and a t-shirt can be enough for your everyday wear, you should really try to wear a pair of trousers for your moving. This is simply because trousers can be more versatile. You never know how long it is going to take to relocate all of your possessions. Even if you hire the best residential Columbus movers, there is no guarantee that your relocation will go smoothly. You may end up being stuck in traffic and moving in during the night. This, for instance, is the sort of situation in which you will be much better if you were in trousers or jeans. Just find a pair that is comfortable and stick to them. Also, you will need to have a hoodie with you. Just in case if there is some rain.

What to wear during the colder months and bad weather

Moving in colder months tends to be the cheaper option. But, there is a reason why people try to avoid it. Not only will traffic be much more dance, but you will have to execute your relocation in much harsher weather. Working all day is much easier if is pleasantly warm outside, which is why so many people opt to relocate during the early summer. But, worry not. You can still relocate in cold weather if you know what to wear. Warm clothes that will keep you dry are essential. Get your best pair of work boots. If you do not have them, get them. Only wear a jacket that has a hoodie. Bring your gloves with you, but expect to wear them only when you are resting.

Clothes for cold weather
You need to wear clothes that are resilient to moisture during the moving day.

How to pick clothes

As you can plainly see, there are certain parameters that you need to follow in order to dress properly on a moving day. You need to be both, mobile and you need to look good. And both are equally important. If you are not comfortable you will not be mobile. Therefore you will not be able to assist with all the physical aspects that are involved in relocation. On the other hand, you need to be presentable. You never know whether you are going to meet your future neighbor during your relocation, and you should look presentable. You do not have to wear your best clothes, of course. But, wear something that is neither ripped nor has stains. First impressions do matter.

That which fits is the best

Some people think that the bigger the clothes the more comfortable it is. This is a common mistake. Everyone knows that wearing clothes that are too small for you is uncomfortable. But, some still make the mistake of wearing clothes that are too big. What you need to do is to find clothes that fit you just right. Clothes that are precisely your size. These clothes will allow you to be comfortable and will help you be efficient during your relocation.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment is tremendously important in any physical project. And moving is no exception. When you transport your items you put yourself at risk of dropping things or slipping. Such mishaps can easily cause moving injuries to you and people helping you. Furthermore, you can easily destroy your fragile items like pianos or antique art by having a small misstep. In order to avoid this, you need to have safety equipment. Get yourself a nice pair of work boots and work gloves. You don’t need them to be fancy. But, you do need them to be of good quality. As you will see, there will be many situations in life where work boots and work gloves are the best attire. So, when thinking about what to wear on moving day, don’t forget the safety equipment.

Pack a changing bag

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need a changing bag. This a small bag that will contain your next change of clothes. You will need it on your day after moving if you don’t want to search through your boxes for each piece. You will either relax in these clothes or you will start to unpack. Either way, you need to sort your clothes and pick the most comfortable pieces. That way you will easily enjoy your first day in your new apartment.

Enjoying comfortable clothes
Pack your most comfortable clothes separately so that you can enjoy your new apartment right away.


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