What to know as a student who is moving

Moving Day TipsDecember 9, 2020

First thing’s first – don’t expect your move to be effortless and quick. You are opening a new chapter in your life and that is very exciting, but you will need to invest some time and energy to make it go smoothly. However, don’t worry too much, moving effectively is far from impossible when you organize properly. You are a student who is moving, so think of it as another project you are working on. You want the move to be over with quickly, but you also want it to be cheap. Find the best moving and storage Columbus Ohio provides and you should have no trouble. Here are some tips to help you with the move, while saving money. Also, always ask for a student discount.

Have a Plan in Place

There are two things you should always keep in mind – the what and the when. The fewer items you have, the less the movers will charge you. Think whether you really need all the stuff you have. If you don’t, sell it or give it away to your friends. They will be grateful and you will pay less. The other factor that can significantly lower the price of a student who is moving is when they move. Summer is peak moving season and the prices go up. If you can organize your relocation for the fall, you will save money. Furthermore, if you hire dorm room movers well ahead of time, you can negotiate for a lower price.

A woman making a plan.
Have a plan in place and ask if you can get a discount as a student who is moving.

Pack Your Own Stuff

Packing is not too complicated, so you can do it yourself. In general, all you will need are some boxes, duct tape, blankets or towels, and bubble wrap. The duct tape obviously cannot be reused, but ask a friend who has moved recently to give you their moving supplies. They will be glad to have it off their hands and you won’t have to pay for it. Or go to a store, it’s not that expensive. Just be careful with any fragile items you have – mostly anything made of glass. Wrap them tightly in a towel and a layer of bubble wrap that you secure with duct tape. And make sure they don’t move when you place them in a box.

Get a Cheap Unit

If you are moving directly from one place to another, you don’t need to worry about storage. However, in the likely case that not everything aligns perfectly, you need to get a unit. As a student who is moving, you don’t have too much energy to spare, and storing your items with a friend can cause you a lot of stress. Presuming you don’t have too much stuff to store, you can employ cheap dorm room storage solutions. You can get smaller units and ask for a student discount. Storing items for a short while shouldn’t hurt your finances.

Tips for a student who is moving.
Don’t get a unit that is larger than you need.

Organize a Going Away Party

It may not seem like it while you are worrying about the logistics of the move, but saying goodbye can be hard. Don’t miss the opportunity to throw a party before you leave. It will give you closure so that you can continue unburdened. Now, nobody expects a student who is moving to throw a huge and lavish party that will stress you further. A small gathering of friends is more than enough. After all, you are moving away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t stay in touch. Good luck with the move!

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