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Moving to a whole new city comes with plenty of preparations. Other than looking for movers and packing boxes, you’re also supposed to find the best part of town for your new home. After all, you want to be sure you’re moving to a safe, pleasant environment where the next chapter of your life will be enjoyable. Of course, everyone has different requirements from the neighborhood they live in, but pretty much everyone’s priority is safety. So, if you’re relocating to Columbus, you probably want to know all about the different parts of the city. Well, today we’re here to talk about some of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus. So, before you start looking for Columbus moving companies, we suggest taking a look at this list and deciding which neighborhood is the best for you. Let’s dive in.

How to find the safest neighborhoods in Columbus?

Let’s begin by stating the obvious – moving to a new city requires doing some research. It’s much more than packing your boxes, getting Columbus moving services, and changing your address. If you want to be sure you’re moving to the right place, you need to do a background check. This is the only way of discovering the safest Columbus neighborhoods. But if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to do that, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to find the best parts of Columbus for you and your family.

Columbus skyline
Before you pack your bags, some research is due so that you can find the safest parts of Columbus.
  • Use the Internet for research. The Internet is full of websites, articles, people’s reviews, photos, etc. So, why not utilize all that? Do a deep dive into the city of Columbus and see which neighborhoods appeal to you most.
  • Reading local news can show you the safe neighborhoods in Columbus. Newspapers and other news sources can greatly help you when you’re looking for the perfect place for your home. See what’s going on in the different parts of Columbus and which ones sound the safest.
  • Talk to the locals. Although reading about Columbus is great, nothing beats hearing people’s first-hand experiences. You can meet some of the locals by visiting Columbus or over the Internet. Either way, find out what long-term Columbus residents have to say about the different areas of the city.
  • Visit the different parts of Columbus. Other than looking for other people’s opinions, it’s important to see the city for yourself and see what you think of it. Wander around the different neighborhoods and get familiar with them. This will help you realize which parts are the best choice for your future home.

What are some of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio?

1. Bexley

Whether you’re planning on raising kids in Columbus or retiring there, Bexley is a great part of the city either way. It’s only ten minutes away from the downtown area. This means you get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the cozy suburbs, but you don’t have to compromise by being hours away from all the excitement. Other than being close to the city’s heart, Bexley is one of the safest areas in Columbus and provides great education for your children. Also, housing is pretty affordable, so that’s another big plus.

2. Worthington

In case you’re a lover of a slower, quieter lifestyle, Worthington might be the best choice for you. This peaceful neighborhood has a crime rate that’s over 60% lower than the national average. So, it’s safe to say that it’s one of Columbus’ safest neighborhoods.

A suburban home
If you like the suburban lifestyle, but you still want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the city, Worthington is a great choice.

This is yet another suburban area great for everyone from families with small kids to retirees. The schooling system is great, plus it’s an affordable place close to the city center. So, if you want some peace and quiet, check out Worthington.

3. Clintonville

With a crime rate around 95% lower than in the rest of Ohio, Clintonville is definitely on the list of the safe areas of Columbus. Because of its location, this part of town is great for young professionals, families and even students and graduates planning a student move in Columbus. Once again, it’s about 15 minutes away from Downtown Columbus, so fun is never far away. The strong sense of community here contributes even more to the feeling of safety. It’s also a budget-friendly place with many cafes and bars you can visit on days off.

4. Downtown Columbus

Most people associate the downtown area of a city with parties, nightlife, and a busy lifestyle. Usually, people wouldn’t describe downtowns as ”safe”. However, Downtown Columbus is different – it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus.

Downtown Columbus
Much to your surprise, Downtown Columbus is actually a pretty safe part of town.

Not only is the downtown area absolutely beautiful, but it is also a safe part of the city. It is walkable both during the daytime and at night and there’s a sense of security. You get to be in the heart of the city and experience all its wonders without having to risk your safety. So, if you want to be part of the nightlife in Columbus, Downtown Columbus might be the best place for you.

5. Harrison West

Last but not least, let’s talk about Harrison West. This is a neighborhood where the crime rate keeps dropping by a significant amount each year. About 12%, to be exact. But other than being one of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus, Harrison West has many other perks. It’s a part neighborhood full of many young professionals, so it offers a pretty youthful atmosphere. Other than that, Harrison West is a tight-knit community, giving residents an extra sense of security. So if this sounds appealing to you, you might have found the perfect neighborhood for you.

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