What to check before hiring your long distance movers?

Hiring MoversDecember 19, 2020

Most people move only a few times during their lifetime, which makes it hard to know all the small tips and tricks of the business. A company may seem honest at first glance, but have hidden fees that you are not aware of. Your first step should always be to look for the best moving companies Columbus Ohio provides – those with a proven track record. Much like any other service you are paying for, you want your movers to be professional, efficient, and to fit your budget. Here are some things to check before hiring your long distance movers, so that you know you are getting your money’s worth.

Things You Need To Take Care Of

There are certain things you need to take care of – such as the time and location of the move. A moving company won’t be able to tell you the exact services they offer until they know when and where you are moving. Seasonality plays a big part in the moving industry. Summer is peak season and the prices accordingly go up. If you can organize a spring or fall move, you can save yourself a lot of money. To save even more, you can hire long distance movers Columbus Ohio well upfront and negotiate an even lower price. Naturally, you also need to know where you are moving to.

What to check before hiring your long distance movers?
Moving during the summer will increase the cost.


The price of the move primarily depends on 3 things: seasonality (as discussed above), distance, and size. There’s not much you can do about the distance, but you can affect the size. Most people move with things they never use, which increases the cost of the move. If you are able to downsize, you can save a substantial chunk of your money. Most professional movers will give you a free estimate, such as you can find at moving quotes Columbus Ohio. Keep in mind, this is not a binding contract, but it does provide you with a rough understanding of how much you need to spend. 

Tracking and Insurance

The type of tracking and insurance the company provides is something you should check before hiring your long distance movers. Tracking may not seem a big deal at first, but once you have spent a few hours waiting for your furniture to arrive, you’ll understand how it can raise your anxiety levels. Most companies offer tracking – be it via real-time GPS or simply calling the company. You also need to ask about their moving insurance policy. If anything gets damaged or missing, most companies cover it up to a certain amount. Ask for the exact coverage you are getting.

Vehicles on a road.
The insurance policy is something you need to check before hiring your long distance movers.

How to Avoid Scams

Generally, not a lot of people get scammed during moving, but it is still a possibility. If a company is very tight-lipped with information, that’s a red flag. For example, if they won’t give you a cost estimate or explain their insurance policy, you need to be very wary. Always check whether the company is licensed. The government issues licenses for transport companies, so the one you are hiring should have one. In addition, check whether they have a physical address. Most scams will only have a P.O. box or web address, without a physical one being listed. We hope this article helps you know what to check before hiring your long distance movers. Have a safe move!

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