How to properly compare moving quotes?

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Moving quotes are something that you are going to see a lot of when planning your relocation. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to properly compare moving quotes once you obtain them. There can be a lot of moving terminology in them and you might not know it all if this is your first relocation. But, before that, you need to compile a list of Columbus moving companies. You don’t want to get a quote from every single company, after all. Choose the movers you want to work with first. After you do so, get a free estimate from each one and get to comparing. In this article, we are going to explain the process for each type of move, and what you need to focus your attention on.

How to properly compare moving quotes before hiring movers?

Here is what you will need to consider when comparing moving quotes:

  • Long-distance move quotes
  • Local move quotes
  • Think of additional fees and costs
  • Properly compare moving quotes and choose the right type of moving estimate
person standing on the road
Before the moving truck hits the road, you want to find the best deal possible!

Long-distance move quotes

When it comes to relocations over long distances, the most important component that determines the price is going to be the weight of your belongings. This is why it is highly advisable to sign the contract only after you get a binding estimate. Free moving quotes Columbus Ohio are great for giving you a frame of reference but do not rely on them too much. The difference between a binding estimate and a free quote can be quite drastic. The way that you can minimize them is to carefully weigh all of your belongings before you ask for a quote. If you provide accurate measurements, your quote is going to be accurate as well.

But it is always better to obtain an in-home estimate from at least three different companies. That way, you will be dealing with the best information possible. This will also enable you to spot a lowballed offer, which is usually indicative of a moving scam.

Local move quotes

Local relocations operate on a different set of parameters. The most important factors are the size of the moving truck, how many movers will be doing the work, and the time and materials required. The moving companies are going to charge you on an hourly basis, which will form the most of the quote. In this type of move, a free moving estimate is much more valuable. It will provide you with an almost accurate representation of your costs. You are going to get an hourly rate, which is going to determine the costs. If your move happens to be shorter or longer, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Properly compare moving quotes – Think of additional fees and costs

There are a number of services that will appear on your moving quote. Here is what you need to look at:

person packing things in cardboard box
If your quote includes packing services, don’t compare it to the one that does not.

You are going to want to have all the quotes with the exact same services in them. Otherwise, you will not be able to compare them easily. You will need to remove or add services from the quote to make the real comparison. After all, an offer that might look preposterous can actually be a really good one if you remove all the services that you do not need. Pay special attention to long carry, shuttle, and packing services.

Properly compare moving quotes and choose the right type of moving estimate

Here are the three main types of estimates that you may encounter:

  • Binding estimate
  • Non-binding estimate
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate

Binding estimate

This is the estimate type that you will mostly be dealing with. It stipulates that whatever are the costs on the estimate will be what you will pay at the end. Of course, if you suddenly increase the weight of your shipment, the price will be adjusted accordingly. But if your long distance movers calculated the weight wrong in the first place, you will not be required to pay more. But if the shipment turns out to be lighter, you will need to pay what is on the estimate. Before undergoing a state to state move, you are going to need a binding estimate signed by both parties. Otherwise, you are opening yourself to a moving scam.

Non-binding estimate

This type of estimate is much the same as a free moving quote. No one is “bound” to anything, and everything can change. Needless to say, this is something that you can only use for reference purposes. You simply can’t afford to go into the relocation of any sort with only this document in your hands. Always have your rights and responsibilities in mind when moving. Do not allow anyone to tell you that proceeding with your relocation based only on a non-binding estimate is a good idea. You need to know better, and you do. It is that simple.

documents, calculator and a pen
Never go into a move with only a non-binding estimate in your hands.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate

At last, we come to the best estimate type there is. This is something that only the best moving companies will offer. This estimate stipulates that if the weight of your shipment is higher than originally estimated, you will not pay more. But what is truly remarkable is that if the weight is less, you will pay less! Needless to say, this is the best deal that you have available. You should always go for this type if you can. There are literally no downsides to it, it is that good. However, you still need to compare it to other offers as some moving companies might increase the original price by providing you with this estimate. Therefore, do your research well, get an estimate from as many companies as you can stomach, and you will have no problems.

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