What supplies to use when packing for storage in Grandview Heights

Storage SolutionsJuly 16, 2022

Grandview Heights is a small city in Franklin County. It is in the state of Ohio and has around 8000 residents. If you want to relocate here, you will move to a good city with affordable livability. Grandview Heights also has a low crime rate, high employment grade, and more than affordable grocery, utilities, and transportation prices. Once you’ve started preparing for your move here, you’ll need some tips regarding the relocation and packing. Therefore, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus will help you learn what supplies to use when packing for storage in Grandview Heights!

Supplies you’ll need when packing for storage in Grandview Heights

The moving process consists of packing your belongings and transporting them to your new home. When packing, you can either use packing services Columbus or you can do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need packing supplies. You can buy them or use eco-friendly supplies which you already have in your home. Those are bags, purses, backpacks, tote bags, and any boxes. If you decide to buy packing supplies to prepare your stuff for storage, the things you need to buy are:

  1. Boxes
  2. Markers
  3. Packing tape
  4. Bubble wrap
  5. Plastic wrap
A girl surrounded by boxes packing for storage
There are eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly supplies to use when packing for storage in Grandview Heights.


Boxes are the most commonly used packing supplies. They are simple, cheap, and easy to work with. You can use them for packing anything- from clothes to plates to kitchen appliances. There are boxes of many dimensions, which is convenient for different belongings. You can find cardboard boxes, but you can use small wooden boxes as well. They are usually the best for keeping jewelry and other belongings. Some boxes are not eco-friendly, and if you are worried about the environment, you can replace the boxes with other stuff. For example, you can use any bag, from tote bags to suitcases and backpacks.

You can even use big containers if you have them. Bags have zippers, which will secure the belongings. They are also reusable, which makes them even better. If you use these alternatives instead of boxes, you won’t need markers, wrapping paper, or wrapping tapes. The only thing you will need is bubble wrap to secure your belongings and protect them from possible damage. You can also your old boxes. If you have many shoe boxes or boxes from your packages, it’s best to reuse them instead of buying new ones. All of your boxes will be safe in a Grandview Heights storage center.

Markers are important

Markers are important for labeling boxes when packing for storage in Grandview Heights. You will need to mark your boxes to avoid mixing up things. That can happen if you have too many things. You can simply use any marker, pen, or pencil. Moreover, you can use colored markers. You will mark your box by the way you divide and pack your belongings. It can be packing each room, packing items by their color, packing them by their materials, etc. Mark your boxes by simply writing what it contains. If you do so, you will prepare your belongings for storage facilities Columbus Ohio in no time. If you think you will mix up things, you can write a list of belongings. You can write them in different colors, and each color can represent one box. Then you can label the box with that specific color.

Colorful markers
Using colorful markers is a great way to label and distinguish boxes.

Packing tape and wrapping bubbles

Packing tape is used for sealing shut boxes. If you do not close them properly, the box might open, and your belongings might spill out. This can lead to damage or loss of belongings. Packing tape is very cheap, and you can buy it anywhere. If you use it, make sure to seal a box multiple times. The best thing to do is seal it horizontally and vertically, at least twice.

People use wrapping bubbles in everyday life. They are used for packing things and are great for wrapping fragile items. If you opt for packing fragile and non-fragile items together, the best option is to wrap bubble wrap around the fragile items. Cover it whole, and then wrap it with packing tape. That will prevent your items from falling out of wrapping tape and secure them better. Wrapping bubbles are also cheap and are plastic. Therefore, you can reuse them many times, which is excellent for our environment.

Plastic wrap is an excellent packing supply

Plastic wrap is also used in everyday life. Moving workers and workers in storage units Grandview Heights Ohio use it when transporting goods. It is great for wrapping huge packages and keeping them together in one place. You can use it to wrap boxes that have many items in them. Even though you used tape to shut boxes, wrapping them again will make them even more secure. You can also use tape to wrap things and protect them from minor damage. For example, if you have an old wooden clock, you can wrap it to protect the wood from possible scratches. If you have a small leather sofa, wrapping it will protect the leather from possible cuts and damage. This way, you will prepare your furniture for relocation to storage in Grandview Heights. Since plastic wrap is not eco-friendly, use it only when you need to do so.

A chair wrapped with bubble wrap
Bubble wrap will help you protect your leather and wooden furniture from scratches.

The best supplies to use when packing for storage in Grandview Heights

To sum it up, there are eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly supplies to use when packing for storage in Grandview Heights. If you opt for eco-friendly, reuse your old packing supplies, and instead of buying new boxes, opt for bags, purses, suitcases, etc. Other packing supplies you must have are markers, wrapping tape, plastic wrap, and wrapping bubbles. They will protect your belongings from possible damages during the relocation to storage units. Good luck, and we wish you a pleasant relocation. Welcome to Grandview Heights!

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