How to get to know Powell after moving

After the moveJuly 16, 2022

Do you want to live in Powell? Then, it is time to organize your relocation with one of the moving companies Columbus Ohio. It can be quite challenging to organize a relocation, especially if you are moving from another city. After moving your entire household, it is time for your life in Powell to start. The first thing should be to learn more about your new city. For this reason, here are all the best ways to get to know Powell after moving. 

General information about Powell, Ohio 

Powell is a quite small city with a lot of history. First of all, it is only 20 miles away from Columbus so if you ever feel bored, you can easily go to Columbus. However, it is impossible to be bored in Powell with its vibrant atmosphere and countless activities. Currently, there are around 14 000 people living here, which is a great number if you like a sense of a small but close-knitted community. Almost everyone knows each other and once you put your things into storage units Powell Ohio, you can go out and mingle.  

get to know Powell after moving by walking around the city
Powell is a small but very vibrant city

A short history of Powell 

Thomas R. Hall founded the city in 1857 when he applied for a post office. At the time, only a couple of families lived in Powell, just enough to have a general store and a post office. In 1947, the population reached the number 400 and Powell became a municipality. Only from the 1980s, the city has been growing steadily as many people started to develop the Greater Columbus metropolitan area, which includes Powell as well. If you wish to know more, you should visit the local museums and monuments. You can keep your things in storage rental Columbus Ohio while you go out and explore. 

The best ways to get to know Powell after moving 

Moving can be quite stressful. You need to pack your entire household, prepare everything, transport it to your new, and finally settle in. After this, most people do not have enough energy to start exploring. For this reason, you should start small. Here are all the ways to get to know your new city. 

  • Take a walk 
  • Ride a bike 
  • Get to know residents 
  • Visit parks 
  • Join clubs 
  • Participate in communal activities 

Get to know Powell like a local  

The city is quite walkable with beautiful sidewalks, many parks, and streets. While you are taking a walk, you can visit many local businesses, try out their cuisine, and meet the resident. The most popular place would be Vittoria, an old-school Italian restaurant. You can try modern Italian food in combination with traditional taste. Prohibition Gastro Lounge is also quite a popular place to meet new people. 

person holding plates
get to know Powell after moving by visiting restaurants and other popular places

Enjoy your new city 

It is important to get to know Powell after moving since this will be your city from now on. If you get to know the city, then you will have an easier time settling in. It is important to feel comfortable in your new city. 

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