What Is the Cost of Living in Reynoldsburg?

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Reynoldsburg is located near the third-most populous state capital Columbus. It’s only 12.5 miles east of Ohio’s capital city and as such, it attracts more and more newcomers. You arrive in 15-20 minutes when the road conditions are satisfactory. Based on the latest data from 2023, it has 42,630 residents and continues to grow annually at a rate of 1.23%. Many of them used the services of Columbus moving companies when relocating. Other than a rather short commute time, an affordable cost of living in Reynoldsburg is its best trait. Overall, the average cost of living there is on par with the cost of living in Ohio. We will go into more detail below about the prices of everyday necessities.

Housing and rent

If we compare the cost of living in Reynoldsburg with other cities in the US, we can conclude that the cost of living there is 9.7% lower. On the other hand, housing is 16% more affordable than the national average. Four-member family will need $4,459 per month, with rent included. And without rent, $2,362 per month will be enough. But if you compare housing prices with Columbus, the result will surprise you. Real estate prices in Ohio’s capital city are 12.6% less expensive than housing prices in Reynoldsburg. You will pay $205,800 for an average family house in Columbus, while the average price in Reynoldsburg is $235,600.

Hand holding calculator, money bills and house in the background.
Housing has a major impact on the cost of living in Reynoldsburg.

Renting prices

As for renting, the prices are somewhat lower than in Columbus. You will rent a one-bedroom apartment for $780 a month. Bigger apartments with at least three bedrooms rent for $1,200. To begin with, a smaller apartment will be enough for a while. And you can store surplus inventory in our storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio. We can offer you air-conditioned units as well as mobile ones, which are very convenient and practical.


Groceries are another important factor, which notably burdens the budget and affects the cost of living. When talking about Reynoldsburg, we must point out that grocery prices are 7% below the national average. The calculation is based on store prices, for a nutritionally satisfactory diet. This leads to a single person spending $3,028 a year on groceries. While a family of 4 will need $8,745 per year just for food. Of course, the total figure depends on the type and amount of products you’d buy and your shopping habits.

  • A loaf of bread costs $3.35 and a liter of milk costs $0.93. You will pay $3.11 for a dozen eggs, $10.7 for a kilogram of cheese, and $11 for chicken breasts.
  • Apples cost $4.57, bananas $1.69, while tomatoes and potatoes are $4.09 and $2.49.
  • As for the drinks and refreshments, a liter of water is $1.2 and 2L sodas are around $2.07. At the same time, a 750ml bottle of wine costs about $12.
  • If you prefer to eat outside, for a meal at McDonald’s, for example, you will have to pay $8.11. While dinner for two in a restaurant will cost you $59.8.
  • If you’re planning to go out with friends, keep in mind that beer costs $2.85 for half a liter and a cappuccino for $4.33.

If you manage your money carefully and make a spending plan and stick to it, the costs will decrease even more. This certainly sounds good to San Francisco residents, for example, who pay 32% more for food than the national average. If by any chance this convinces you to move to Reynoldsburg, our long distance movers Columbus Ohio will efficiently organize and handle your move.


Compared to the national average, utility prices are 10% lower in Reynoldsburg. And they range from $107 for singles to $163 for families. Of course, these are prices just for basic items like water, power, and heating. For unlimited internet, you will have to add another $67.5 and an additional $172.35 for the phone bill.

Calculating cost of life in Reynoldsburg with cellphone, pen, notebook, coins and bills.
Utilities are very reasonably priced in Reynoldsburg.


An important item in the budget of every family and individual is transportation. A large part of the income goes to the daily commute to work and school. If you were to use public transportation, for a one-way ticket you would pay $2.21. Reynoldsburg is served by COTA – Columbus Ohio Transit Authority, which is the biggest regional transportation provider. An even cheaper option is to buy a monthly pass that will cost you $56.7. If you were to commute by car, you would pay $1.26 per liter for the fuel. As for the cab, depending on the class of the vehicle, the prices go from $2.30 for the initial fee, to $8.20. And for a 5-mile drive in a standard vehicle, you will pay about $10.7.

Miscellaneous cost of living in Reynoldsburg

Apart from these basic factors, you have to include miscellaneous in the cost of living. This includes tuition or daycare for children, doctor visits, veterinary services, occasional going outs, etc. The average healthcare index in Reynoldsburg is 89.5, which is lower than the national average. In percentage, healthcare is 14% lower than the national average. This means that you will pay about $110 for a visit to the doctor and $86.69 at the dentist. Preschool for kids is about $957 per month, $13,125 but on an annual basis.

Grandmother and granddaughter shopping for clothes
Other expenses can also significantly affect the total cost of living.

Overall, Reynoldsburg seems like a nice place to live with reasonable prices. The only thing that is above the national average is the median household income, which has grown by 20.88% in the period between 2016 and 2020. The median family income in Reynoldsburg is about $79,272 and the national average for 2022 is $54,132.

Living in Reynoldsburg is generally quite affordable

Considering that Columbus is close and the commute time is relatively short, no wonder it became such a desirable place. That and the fact that the cost of living in Reynoldsburg is favorable greatly contribute to its popularity. Once you decide to explore the charms of this lovely suburb, opt for the very best movers in the region. We are Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage, and we can provide you with storage rental Columbus Ohio and other high-quality moving services.

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