What is the best way to unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna

After the moveMay 25, 2022

Moving is such a long and taxing process that people tend to forget about all the unpacking they need to do. After relocating, hiring movers, and spending months on packing and preparation, now you have even more work in store. Now, it’s time to unpack! Well, the good news is that you can take care of it quickly if you put your mind to it. But, most likely, you’re pretty spent after the whole moving process. That’s why at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus, we’ve decided to share some of the best ways to unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna! Let’s get into it.

An empty room with moving boxes
Unpacking will make you feel more at home so start as soon as possible.

Before you unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna: cleaning!

We hope the people you bought your new house from in Gahanna have cleaned it before your long-distance movers Columbus Ohio moved you in. But, a lot of people don’t care for these details and just want to leave their sold house as soon as possible. Don’t be like them! It’s common courtesy to clean up after yourself. But, if you arrive at your new home and it’s dirty, it’s time to clean. We always suggest that people pack their cleaning supplies separately so they can always access them. Even if you haven’t done this, you have surely labeled all of your boxes.

Now, what to clean? Start from the most obvious spot: the floor. We would even recommend vacuuming if there is a need for it. Wipe the floor with some good detergent, let it dry, and usually, you are done. If the paint on the walls is falling apart, you might need to paint them as well. But, that is a bigger project that you can’t just do in a few hours. Basically, just make sure the floor is clean before you place your furniture! We all know how taxing spring cleaning is, so just do it before you even set up your home.

Unpack using a system

You need to unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna as fast as you can. And the best solution is to think up a plan. It doesn’t have to be too complicated or intricate, actually, the simpler it is, the better. Don’t just start randomly unpacking your boxes though! You should have your inventory list with you if you’ve prepared one before moving. And you can start there. Otherwise, just look at your labeled boxes and start with the room you feel is the easiest to set up. Or you could start with the room you need the most!

A notebook with a plan
Make the best plan to help you get to the finish line fastest!

Next, unpack what you need most

You’ve just moved, you’re tired and now you have to unpack. Unpacking can take a few days so don’t stress yourself out too much. But, what you need to take care of on the first day is unpacking the essentials. You can also use the many storage units Columbus Ohio to help you out if you don’t have the time to unpack. This means various items such as:

  • toiletries,
  • showering essentials,
  • clothes,
  • skincare products,
  • medication,
  • necessary paperwork,
  • phone & computer chargers,
  • oven,
  • toaster, etc.

Think of all the things you use and need on a daily basis. This is what you unpack first! Also, did you know that many packing services offer additional unpacking services? This could be a saving grace if your job, or family is taking up all of your time. You won’t need to do the unpacking yourself, plus it will all be done in one day. Professional packers have packed hundreds of homes and know exactly how to unpack everything quickly and efficiently.

Set up the kitchen when you unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna

Usually, the kitchen is one of the most necessary rooms in a home, alongside the bathroom. If you’ve labeled your boxes correctly, you will have no trouble finding the kitchen supplies. If you’re short on time, just unpack what you will need first. Like pots and pans, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. You will need to eat, and prepare the food for your family! Start by connecting and placing the appliances. After all of that is taken care of, you can see where to place the dining table (if it’s going in this room), and any other furniture.

Now, when it comes to the little details and decoration, you can leave that for later. Keep in mind that everything you can’t fit into your home can be safely stored in one of many storage units Gahanna Ohio. Storage units provide amazing security for your items. And, nowadays, most are climate-controlled, so even fragile items are safe in a storage unit.

A kitchen
Set up the kitchen first so you can have a space to prepare and eat food.

Bedrooms are next as you unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna

Obviously, you need a place to sleep! Now it’s time to set up the beds and wardrobes. Put them together and place them where you would like them to go. Hopefully, you’ve prepared some clean bed sheets for the first evening in your home. Set those up as well. Now, if you’re in a hurry, leave the rest for later. What you can do, though, is place all of the boxes containing clothes in the bedrooms. It will leave less clutter around the house, and you will need to place the clothes in your wardrobe anyways.


The next step when you unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna is to set up the toilets. Put all the necessities in the drawers and cabinets. Also, remember to bring a pack of toilet paper with you!

Leave the garage, basement, attic, etc. for last

When doing an unpacking of this size, leave all the utility areas for last. You most likely use them for storage anyways and don’t need all of the items immediately. We hope you can quickly unpack after moving to a new house in Gahanna! What you really should be doing is enjoying Gahanna.

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