How to find office movers in Columbus you can trust

Hiring MoversMay 24, 2022

Whether you’re moving your office just down the street or across the state, it’s important to find office movers in Columbus you can trust. Moving is a process that asks for a lot of trust from everyone involved. After all, you’re trusting all of your belongings to some strangers you will meet the day of the move. That’s why, before you decide who to hire, you need to see if they are as trustworthy as they seem. Worry not, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus has prepared some tips on how to find the appropriate movers for your job!

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How do you find office movers in Columbus that are trustworthy?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that the moving company you want to hire is legit. What you should look out for are good recommendations and a kind customer service. These make the bare minimum of a good moving company. Your commercial movers Columbus Ohio need to hit all the marks before you hire them!

Recommendations from friends and family

Looking for recommendations for anything can get pretty hard. But, you should always start with your friends and family. If they themselves haven’t moved their office, they might know someone who recently has. But, why do we stress the importance of recommendations? When you get a recommendation from someone you love and trust, you can rest assured that their recommendation comes from the heart. They have no use in marketing the moving company unless it truly is as good as they claim. Also, your loved ones will always be honest with you when you ask them to be. So, you can truly rely on these recommendations.

Also, you might just find out which moving companies to avoid. Or you might find out that certain companies don’t offer the moving services Columbus Ohio that you were searching for. Here are some suggestions of questions you can ask friends and family:

  • Were you satisfied with the move?
  • What did you like about the company?
  • What made you choose them? – Maybe it’s another recommendation. If your friend is recommending a moving company that was amazing and it was recommended by a third party, we say you go for this one. That already makes 2 satisfied customers that you know of.
  • Were there any issues during the move?
  • Was there something you didn’t like?
  • What services does the company offer and which did you use?
  • Were the services satisfactory?

And many, many more. Since you will be talking to someone close to you, you can even ask unconventional questions like are the movers a bit predatory? We recognize how odd this question is, but when you’re a woman, or when you have children, you need to think of these things as well.

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Organize a fun day of activity for you and your loved ones while also asking their advice on choosing the right movers.

Ask for license, registration, and insurance

These are the biggest three things to search for in a moving company. A registered, professional moving company will never turn down answering these questions. They might even tell you exactly where to go on their site to check everything you need to check or call you to come for an in-person consultation. But, why do you need all this documentation? Well, moving company scams are at an all-time high. Living standards are becoming unmanageable and many desperate people decide to run scams to get some money for life. This is obviously the wrong way to go about it, but many people see no other choice. Unfortunately for honorable people, you need to be prepared that you might face some scams. Just use your brain and make good decisions.

Also, always check if these moving companies you’re looking at offer the additional services you need. Do you need commercial storage Greater Columbus alongside your commercial relocation? Worry not, you will come across someone who offers both and maybe even for a better price. The key here is to be relentless when asking questions and to keep your eyes peeled for odd behavior. Whenever the company exhibits suspicious behavior, it’s better to immediately write them off.

Find office movers in Columbus by looking at reviews and asking for estimates

If your family is inexperienced in commercial moving, it’s time to consult the online reviews. Access the moving company’s site and look at their review page. Now, when it comes to reviews, a good chunk of them tend to be fake reviews. All moving companies will say they don’t allow fake reviews, but of course, they would say that. Search for real ones by noticing certain typing patterns that differ from the rest of the reviews. Fake reviews are often written by one person, so if you notice a lot of similar comments, using similar grammar and vocabulary, skip them. Real reviews are usually concise, short, and to the point. Search for those! And be careful if a moving company has a 5-star review. Something seems fishy.

Also, while reading through the reviews, ask the customer support to prepare a moving estimate for you. Yes, you’re trying to find the best office movers in Columbus, but they still need to fit your budget. Once all the puzzle pieces fall into place, it will be clear who you should hire.

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Read carefully through the reviews and estimates before you make the final choice.

Visit their office to meet them in person

Although rare, certain moving company scams don’t even have an office at the location they listed on their website. This is why, after you’ve done the rest of the things that need to be taken care of, now it’s time to go offline and into their office. A reputable moving company will welcome you with open arms to their office space. Try and see what the workers are like. Do they seem welcoming, helpful, and cheerful? Or do they seem bored, uninterested, and just waiting for the workday to end? Keep in mind that all of us have bad days, but if a whole office is filled with bad vibes, that might not be the case. Now go find office movers in Columbus that suit your needs using these tips!

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