What are the most delicate items to move?

Moving Day TipsApril 1, 2020

If you have an upcoming relocation, you are probably thinking of the proper methods you can utilize in order to transport your belongings. While moving a pillow or your clothing pieces will not give you much trouble, there are certain items you need to be mindful of. Items that are delicate, fragile and that require special attention when being handled. In the following text, we will name the most delicate items to move, as well as the proper ways of going about this process.

The most delicate items to move and the methods of moving them

It goes without saying that hiring moving services Columbus Ohio to take care of this task for you would make this text rather insignificant to the readers such as yourself. However, having that you are indeed reading it, we will go on a limb here and assume that you are undertaking this process single-handedly. So, we will not waste much time, but rather get straight to it.

A box that has the word 'fragile' on it
If you want to relocate your whole household successfully, you have to know which are the most delicate items to move.

You need to pay special attention when moving drinking glasses

It may not come as a surprise that this item has found its place on our list. As drinking glasses are fairly common objects in every household and are used on a daily basis without much thought, we tend to neglect their fragility. Howbeit, whilst in transport, they are exposed to a lot of moving and shuffling. And if you didn’t spend ample time and attention to providing them with protection, what you will find is a box full of shards.

In order to avoid this scenario, you must first ensure that you have the proper moving box. It needs to have double-thick walls, so as to provide enough protection. You would then place a glass on packing paper horizontally. Proceed by grabbing a corner of the paper and rolling the glass into it. Tuck in the sides of the paper, just as you would wrap a burrito. Depending on the thickness of the glass, you would repeat this process three to five times. You would then place it in the mentioned moving box that was previously cushioned with crumpled packing paper. Make sure that you place the glass vertically, and only in one layer.

When you are finished, do not forget to seal the box and label it as ‘fragile’. This will be crucial for all the other delicate items.

Do not forget to treat your plates with due attention

One can arguably claim that the biggest moving mistake is placing plates in boxes without enough packing paper. The end result of this oversight is a rather unpleasant kitchen unpacking. If you want to protect your plates, you have to wrap each one in packing paper. Make sure that you repeat the process three to five times. If it seems like too much paper, just remember that it is much cheaper than buying new plates.

A set table
Taking the time to pack your dishes properly will save you a lot of headaches during the unpacking process.

Use the same type of box as you would with the glasses. Avoid going for big boxes, as you don’t want to have too many plates in one package. You also want to use plenty of packing tape on the bottom and top of each moving box. As plates tend to get heavy when stacked, you have to ensure the box will withstand their weight. Place wrapped plates on cushioned box bottom, and make sure to lay a sheet of packing paper on top of each plate. Repeat the layers until the box is full, and then fill the remaining space with crumpled packing paper.

Avoid seven years of bad luck

Broken mirrors are a common occurrence in a badly packed household. Failing to pack them without any bubble packing sheets is the main reason behind this mishap. You see, if the front of the mirror faces the wall of the box without any protection, it will inevitably break during transport. In order to avoid this scenario, make sure that you use a flat box. You can even see if some experienced moving companies have wooden crates for packing mirrors, as they provide extra protection. You want to line to flat box with crushed packing paper, thus creating a padded bed for the mirror. Wrap this delicate item completely using bubble packing sheets, and tape the wrapping tightly. Once you place the mirror inside the box, you want to fill the gaps with crumpled paper.

You would also want to pack one mirror per box. This is a sort of a preventative measure, as the road can get long, and mirrors are both delicate and heavy, making two of them in the same box a bad combination. Remember this even when you plan on using self-storage Columbus Ohio. Since the mirrors will be spending quite some time inside, you want to make sure nothing happens to them during that period.

A girl looking at a mirror
If you are having trouble with packing your mirror, do not restrain from asking for professional assistance.


Possibly surprising but still one of the most delicate items to move

Although not as breakable as glass objects, lampshades are still some of the most delicate items to move. Since they have a large, awkward shape, they happen to make packing quite troublesome. And if you fail to pack them properly, the result will be a dent or a tear. A great way to avoid damaging these delicate items, start by wrapping them with bubble packing sheets, covering every inch in the process. You would then fill the lampshade’s interior cavity with packing paper. A newspaper is also a great alternative. After placing the lampshade inside the box, make sure to fill the inside with enough paper so that it keeps the shade from shifting around. Noting goes on top of the shade. Not even soft items. Remember, these are delicate objects and do not handle stress well.

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