Ways to evaluate different moving estimates

Before The MoveOctober 9, 2021

So, you plan to move. Your first step is to collect moving quotes from several companies. Once you evaluate different moving estimates, you will know which one is the right company for you. The one that can provide your requested services. Thus, the moving estimate is designed to give people an idea about relocation costs. By checking estimates, you will be able to plan a moving budget too. It will also show the kind of moving services you can hire military movers for.

A man and a woman sit at a table with a laptop and evaluate different moving estimates.
Check the ways to evaluate different moving estimates.

Before asking for quotes make sure you are dealing with reliable companies

So many moving companies are offering their services nowadays. How to know if they are professional? Well, choose several companies and check their licenses, and insurances. All locally moving companies must be licensed by their state. Those providing the long-distance moves must have the USDoT number. Also, when talking to moving companies Columbus Ohio, discuss the terms of their insurance.

Kind of services the moving companies provide

When you are requesting the moving estimate, you must state what kind of services do you need. The cost estimates will be different if you need just labor movers or full moving services. So, if you want to compare them, make sure you are requesting quotes for the same type of service. And make sure to give clear and complete information to moving services Columbus Ohio. This will help them to give you an accurate moving estimate.

How are the moving services influence the moving estimates?

People usually think that all moving companies provide all moving services.  That’s not exactly the case. So, before you ask for moving estimates, check what the moving company is specialized for. They can provide the following services:

  • Full service – this type of service is the most expensive. So the movers will do all the job, from packing to unloading.
  • Self-service – the moving company will provide the truck and a driver.  So, this is the DIY moving option.
  • Labor only – the movers will only load and unload the moving truck.
  • Specialized services – to move certain items movers need specific knowledge.
Columbus, Ohio skyline, park, and lake.
Moving to Columbus Ohio.

Different types of moving estimates

When checking quotes, pay attention to the type of moving estimates the company offers. The moving estimates can be:

  • Binding – this is the accurate moving estimate. But, when moving to Columbus Ohio, you can move only the items from the inventory list.
  • Binding not-to-exceed – it is as a binding estimate. But, if you have fewer items, you will have to pay less than estimated.
  • Non-binding quote – you don’t get the fixed price. It can differ from the original moving estimate.

To evaluate different moving estimates request quotes for the same services

We hope this will help you to evaluate different moving estimates. It is now clear that the requested service is considerably influencing the moving estimate. By understanding moving quotes, you will be able to set your moving budget properly. And see what type of services you can afford. In the end, it will help you choose the right moving company for your move. And have a relaxed move.



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