Ways to burglar-proof your Hilliard home

Top places in OhioFebruary 28, 2020

Although Hilliard, Ohio is safer than 83% of the cities in the United States, the fact is that you can never be too cautious with the safety of your property. It is probably this mindset that has resulted in this statistic. For this reason, we present to you a few inexpensive ways to burglar-proof your Hilliard home.

Ways to burglar-proof your Hilliard home

We suggest that you start with the elements of your home that will most definitely be on the front line of attack. And that would be the doors. Namely, a door’s weak and vulnerable area is where the deadbolt lock inserts into the doorjamb. If the strike plate was installed with screws that are shorter than 3 inches, your door will be highly susceptible to break-ins. What you can do is replace these screws with longer ones. Or you can make your lock more secure by reinforcing the strike plate and door frame with hardware.

burglar-proof your Hilliard home - a door with a lock
You can consider investing in some more modern door locks in order to burglar-proof your Hilliard home.

Secure your patio doors

If you have a sliding door for your patio, you are probably familiar with the old-fashioned way of burglar-proofing your Hilliard home. It is the ingenious method passed on from older generations of blocking the sliding with a broom handle, a baseball bat, or any other piece of wood. Alas, the technique, however great, does not get high grades in terms of appeal. A more aesthetically-pleasing alternative would be to use a patio door lock. It works like a deadbolt to lock the sliding door in place.

Adopt a dog

One of our favorite ways to burglar-proof your Hilliard home would most definitely be this one. Adopting a dog will not only make the life of that puppy that much more wonderful, and bring happiness to the home in general, but it will also keep those burglars away. While it does take some time for the puppy to grow, nothing will dismay a potential thief from coming inside once they see a pair of interested and ready eyes looking at them, or hear growling from another side of the door. Even your movers Hilliard Ohio might be tempted to come inside your place should the occasion arise, but that is a situation you can manage.

a running dog
Not many things will unsettle a burglar from attempting a break-in as an angry dog will.

Peel-and-stick alarms are a great option for your doors and windows

While whole-house security and surveillance systems provide protection and peace of mind, they come at a high price. That is why we suggest one of the more inexpensive ways to burglar-proof your Hilliard home. An alarm that fits on a door or window. It blares with a piercing siren upon sensing that the doors or windows are open by vibrations if the glass breaks. Granted, they do not offer video surveillance. They also fail to automatically notify the police during a break-in. However, they are rather affordable and loud. Certain manufacturers claim that their alarms are good enough even for the storage Hilliard Ohio.

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