The importance of moving company reviews

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Do you need to move? Then, you should find a good moving company. It is difficult to organize a relocation on your own. For this reason, professional help is very much needed in this case. However, there are many fraudulent companies that offer their moving services at much lower prices. That is why you need to find something that will help you see if Columbus moving services are fraudulent or not. Moving company reviews are a great way to find out more about a certain company. For this reason, you should read about the importance of moving company reviews. Maybe next time, you will write a review for the moving company you hired. 

The reasons to read moving company reviews 

As mentioned, when you are searching for moving and storage Columbus Ohio, you cannot know for sure if they are reliable or not. For this reason, you need to search online to verify their credentials. The best way to do it is by reading moving company reviews. People will share the experience they had with a certain moving company. 

person holding newspaper article
A moving company can look good on paper

They will most likely first share all the negative ones. Previous customers may say something about lack of certain skills, the general condition of the moving equipment, movers’ behavior, and similar. This can help you to make a final decision. One moving company can seem perfect on the paper since they offer the moving services you need at a reasonable price. However, the reviews can show an entirely different picture. Lastly, moving reviews can be misleading as well.  

Moving companies writing fake reviews 

In order to attract customers, moving companies need to have a good reputation. For this reason, it is important that they receive good ratings and positive reviews. It is logical that no one will hire a moving company with predominantly negative reviews and bad ratings. That is why companies can fake positive reviews 

  • Repetitive moving reviews – have you got a feeling like you have seen the same review ten times already? It is true since some fake reviews are written in the same style, probably by the same person. 
  • The perfect grammar – usually, people will not use big words, impeccable grammar and try to sell you the moving services in the form of a review. 
  • Unnecessary personal information – just because they share their personal information, it does not mean one moving company is reliable. 
  • Zero negative reviews – a moving company that can satisfy everyone’s needs does not exist. 

Other ways to check the credibility of a moving company 

As mentioned, moving reviews are a good start. However, they can be fake as well. For this reason, you should have a couple of other ways to check the credibility of a moving company. First, check if movers have a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association or the FMCSA for short. Only reliable movers can have this license.

Additionally, you can check the track record of one moving company by visiting the official website of the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB for short. Next, when you ask for an in-house estimate, see how movers will answer. If they only insist on doing an online estimate, do not hire them. They cannot make a proper estimation without seeing your house in person. Lastly, when they visit your house, ask them questions. If they seem unsure, or they are avoiding some questions, do not hire them. 

Why you should leave a moving company review 

Now that you know why moving reviews are important, you should leave a moving review. This way, you can help people who are looking for some quality local moving services. In addition to this, you will help movers as well to attract new customers. If you are really satisfied with your moving company, you should leave a review as a way to thank them

man using laptop beside woman
Write a moving review after your relocation

The same applies if you displeased with your moving company. This is a good way to warn people about poor moving services. Sometimes, movers can benefit from negative reviews. If movers are just starting their business, this is a good way to improve the aspects of their services which are found to be lacking. 

How to write helpful moving company reviews 

Now it is time to write a moving review. Whether you want to criticize or praise one company, you should be objective. Your goal is to help customers and moving companies. For this reason, your review should cover the following topics. First, state the type of your move. Was it a long-distance move or a local move? Did it require any special moving equipment? Then, write about your first impression. Did they seem professional you? Were they forthcoming with information? Next, say about the positive aspects of your move. After the good news comes the bad news. Therefore, say the negative aspect of your move. After you finish, read it again. See if your review is helpful.  

Where to leave your reviews 

Everyone knows you should leave your review on the Internet. But the better question is, where exactly you should leave your review. You can leave your reviews on the most popular websites, such as Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and the movers’ website. In addition to this, if you can, it would be best to leave a review on two or more websites. Some people only use Google while others are relying on Yelp. For this reason, it is better to share your opinion on more than one platform. As mentioned before, it is important to write a moving review if you can.  

moving company reviews on the phone
You should leave your review on Google

All the reasons why 

As you can see, it is better if you leave or read moving company reviews. You can avoid hiring fraudulent movers and you can help people to do the same. In addition to this, you can help reliable moving companies to find more customers since they deserve it. 

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