Top 4 student-friendly cities in Ohio

Are you graduating soon? Do you want to go to college? Did you opt for where to move? Choosing the right university is one of the most crucial decisions one soon-to-be student can take. Most people move to the cities in which they study. Some of them live on campus and some rent apartments. Whatever option you choose it’s best to find a student-friendly city. However, if you are moving to Ohio, movers Columbus Ohio will lead you to top student-friendly cities in Ohio! We will make sure you choose the one that fits the most!

Student-friendly cities in Ohio

Many cities are student-friendly ones. When you think about the term “student-friendly” you most commonly think about big cities. For example- Los Angeles, New York, Columbus, Washington, etc. However, student-friendly cities can be smaller places as well. They are cheaper to live in, less confusing, and transportation is usually cheaper. If you are considering which city to choose, our top student-friendly cities in Ohio are:

  1. The city of Mason
  2. Cleveland Heights
  3. The city of Dublin
  4. Springfield
One of the cities in Ohio
Many of Ohio’s cities are student-friendly.

1. Mason

Mason is a middle-sized city in Warren County. It has 35 000 residents, and that number is growing each year by about 1 %. Many companies offer student moving services if you want to relocate here. The biggest part of the residents consists of white and Asian Americans. Also, the biggest part of the residents has associate, bachelor’s, and graduate degrees. The unemployment is about 3%, less than a medium rate in America. This information is useful for students who plan on working while studying. Since it’s medium-sized, there are opportunities for full-time and part-time positions.

Monthly expenses in Mason are average, with low groceries and utility prices. However, housing prices are a bit higher than average in Ohio. Mason is also the hometown of Sinclair Community College’s Courseview Campus. That is a community college founded in 2007. It has five campus locations in Ohio, and Mason is one of them. About 18 000 students enroll in SCCC each year. The city’s transport system is good. Even if you find a home in the city’s periphery, you will reach your destination in less than 30 minutes.

2. Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights is in Cuyahoga County. It’s a middle-sized city with about 45 000 residents. Most of the residents are white and black Americans. It is the hometown of Cleveland State University, which has about 18 000 students. Other than this famous college, Cleveland is the hometown of other colleges: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Music, Notre Dame College, Cuyahoga Community College District, Remington College Cleveland Campus, and Bryant & Stratton College Cleveland. The first three of these colleges have a graduation rate higher than 50%.

A house in Ohio
Cleveland Height is the hometown of Cleveland State University.

Cleveland Heights has an unemployment rate of 5%, which is lower than average. Therefore, this city also gives many job opportunities for soon-to-be students. Cleveland also has a good transportation system. Traveling is very affordable and fast, which is not the case in bigger cities. The price of utilities, transportation, and housing is 3-5% lower than average monthly prices in Ohio. You can use cheap storage units Columbus Ohio if you have not already found a new home in this student-friendly city.

3. Dublin- a student-friendly city in Ohio

Dublin is a city located in Franklin County. It has about 50 000 residents, and that number grows each year. Dublin is famous for its nature, mostly for the Scioto River, natural parks, and wooded areas. Even though Dublin does not have its university, it’s extremely close to Ohio State University. Dublin received Extension Campus, which is a part of Ohio University. This campus has many programs. Some of them are the College of Health Sciences and Professions, the College of Osteopathic Medicine, the College of Business, and the College of Fine Arts.

One of the advantages of Dublin is its vicinity to Ohio. Since it’s close to Ohio, house pricing is way lower than in Ohio. Monthly costs in Dublin are lower than average costs in the USA, which makes it more comfortable and affordable for college students. Transportation and health costs are about 7% lower than in Ohio. Another advantage is the low unemployment rate, which is about 2 %. These advantages are just some of the indicators that show how Dublin is a student-friendly city. If you choose to move here, hiring movers Hillard Ohio, is one of the best options.

4. The city of Springfield

Springfield is a city in Clark County, and it’s only 25 miles away from Columbus. Springfield has about 59 000 residents. It is the hometown of many colleges. For example, it is the hometown of Wittenberg University and Clark State Community College. They were founded in 1845 and 1962. Wittenberg University is a private art college. The Clark State Community College is a community college with about 1 000 students. It has many courses, from health and public services to engineering technologies and agriculture. Moreover, Springfield is the hometown of Global Impact STEM Academy. This academy is certified in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics curriculum.

Springfield is known for its nature, especially Mad River, Buck Creek, and Beaver Creek. Therefore, it’s the perfect option for those who like city life but need nature time. It also has a very good transportation system, which connects Springfield to bigger cities. The unemployment is about 5%, which means there are many offers for soon-to-be students part-time and full-time. Since living costs are higher than average costs in the USA, it’s best to consider it before moving to this student-friendly city. 

A student wwith books
Springfield is one of the student-friendly cities in Ohio.

To sum it up, there are many student-friendly cities in Ohio. However, the best option is either Mason, Cleveland Heights, Dublin, or Springfield. These cities are peaceful, have a good transportation system, and have great home options for soon-to-be students. They are close to bigger cities but have everything you need in the nearest vicinity. Whichever you choose, you won’t be making a mistake. Good luck and we welcome you to Ohio!


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