5 items you should move from your attic to self-storage

Storage SolutionsMay 10, 2022

Are you moving soon? Do you plan on using self-storage? If so, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus is here to help you out! Storing your furniture in the attic is very convenient, especially since you can organize your stuff yourself and you don’t need to pay for the storage. However, not every item can be in the attic. Some cannot fit into the attic due to the dimensions, heaviness, and other reasons. That’s why we recommend using self-storage. Self-storages are temperature-regulated, secure, and spacious. They are also water and heat-proof. Therefore, they are a much better option. If you are wondering what you can store in self-storage, we recommend 5. items you should move from your attic to self-storage!

5 items you should move from your attic to self-storage

You can use self-storage for almost any furniture piece. People use the attic for storing things such as old books, old clothes, etc. Moving your furniture from the attic to self-storage will give you more space. This new free space can be crucial for packing, storing, and generally good organization. Some of the items you can move to self-storage are:

  • Carpets
  • Gym equipment
  • Boxes of old items
  • Electronic devices
  • Clothes
A vacuum cleaner being moved from attic to self storage
Electronic devices are items you should move from your attic to self-storage.

Move carpets to the self-storage

Carpets are big furnaces. If you are a family with two kids, you probably have at least 3 carpets. They can take up a lot of space, and they tend to collect dust if left in attics. Therefore, it is better to leave them at one of the storage units Hilliard Ohio rather than storing them in your attic. It is recommendable to move them to self-storage, especially if they are of soft and natural materials that require care. They will not collect dust in storage, and you will not need to pay a couple of hundred dollars to clean them. They will not take the space you can use for storing more crucial items. Since carpets are not necessities, you will probably move them into your new home after transporting other more crucial furniture. Therefore, carpets are one of the items you should move from your attic to self-storage.

Gym equipment

Gym equipment is another example of items you should move to self-storage. There is a big chance you won’t use it during your moving process, especially if your move is long-distance and very complicated. If you have heavy equipment such as a running treadmill, home bike, or set of weights, it’s best to leave them in self-storage. In most cases, they are not a necessity. Since gym equipment is usually heavy, if you try to move them yourself from your attic, there is a chance you might hurt yourself. Or even damage the equipment. Therefore, it is best to hire moving professionals to transport them to self-storage. It is always safer to hire professionals than do something yourself, especially if you are not an expert.

A person using a treadmill
Relocating your stuff to self-storage can take time.

Move boxes with old items from the attic

If you have many boxes full of old photo albums, pictures, and memories, it is best to move them to self-storage. That goes for other art pieces such as paintings, big vases, musical instruments, vases, etc. You probably value them a lot. It is crucial to know that the attic is not the safest place for that kind of stuff. Especially if you packed them in a cardboard box. The rain, leaks, and extreme sun can damage them. Therefore, it is best to move them from the attic.

If you have two or more boxes with pictures, gifts, and valuable items, the safest way to store them is by using self-storage. If you are moving to a dorm as a soon-to-be student, you can store your valuables while moving into your dorm room. All storages are heat and rain-protected and are highly secured. If you place your belongings in the storage nothing can happen to them.

Electronic devices

There are probably many electronic devices you use every once in a while. Examples- blenders, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, etc. Some of them are very big and heavy, such as a TV or a computer. Instead of putting them all in the attic, it’s best to move them to a self-storage during the move. These electronics are usually used once in a while, therefore are not a necessity in your new home. By putting them in cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, you are making more space for other belongings which are usually more crucial. Moreover, all your belongings are very safe. It is way better to transport them into storage than to move them to the attic, where you can trip over them and hurt yourself or damage the device. 

Shipping containers
Self-storages are safe, well secured, and temperature-controlled.

Clothes should be in the self-storage

If you use your attic for storing clothes, it’s time to move them. An attic is a place to store the clothes you won’t be using in the next few months. If you are moving during the summer and have packed and put your winter clothes and shoes in the attic, consider moving them to self-storage. They can take up space, especially if you have many boxes. For example, if you live in a big family, the chance is you will have at least 4. boxes of clothes, or even more. By moving your coats, jackets, and shoes, you are making space for other belongings. Also, some insects and bugs such as moths can damage your clothes. However, there are no months in self-storage containers.

To sum it up, there are many items you should move from your attic to self-storage. Some of them include carpets and gym equipment, boxes of old items, electronic devices, and clothes. By doing so, you are making more room for other belongings and organizing your move. You are also making sure your items stay safe during the relocation. Good luck, and we wish you a nice move!


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