Tips for single service members returning home from deployment

After the moveOctober 21, 2021

You are returning home from deployment and there are many things to do. You can’t decide what to do when you come home. And on some questions, you do not have the answers yet. So, let us help you settle in, recover, find one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio in case you are relocating, and make your homecoming as pleasant as it can be. This is a small guide for single service members returning home and how to deal with this change. Let’s take a look.

This is an opportunity for single service members returning home to choose a new path

As single service members coming home, you have the opportunity to start anew. Maybe your spouse with children is waiting for you, or a new job, or a beloved and devoted pet. No matter what the situation is, you must evaluate it and figure out what to do next. The most important thing is to understand that you have an open road ahead and you can either get back to your routines or explore something entirely different.

single service members returning home will greet their loved ones
Choose your next step wisely. Start a family, pursue your career or both.

In most cases before deploying, singles leave their items in cheap storage units Columbus Ohio. If you have done so, you should find a place to stay first and take your items back. You will need them now to start adapting and settling in easier.

As single service members returning home you must figure out where to go next

As we already said, all single service members coming home should figure out where to go next. If you are lucky, the military already has found you a place to stay. Or you must rent a property and settle in there. And to relocate there you can use military movers as the best option for this occasion. They know how to handle customers returning home after a deployment. Not to mention that they have all the tools and equipment to execute any task without interruptions. So, you won’t have to worry at least about this task.

So, as soon as you land, call your local moving team and check the Columbus moving services they offer.  Sort this out sooner rather than later. But if you have a family and a home that is waiting for you, then head there straight away. They will welcome you with arms wide open. Everything else can wait, but a loving hug and support can’t.

Celebrate the homecoming

Call your friends, relatives, coworkers, or neighbors. Inform them you are back and figure out what is the best time for them to gather and celebrate your return. Homecoming after a deployment can be emotional and depressing. Therefore, it would be wise to surround yourself with loved ones. Figure out if you want a smaller gathering or something big and make it happen. But be careful with drinking and eating. Changing habits rapidly can cause health issues so be cautious and take it slow.

a few friends celebrating
Have a few friends over and celebrate your homecoming perhaps with other single service members returning home

Embrace your emotions and rest for a while

It is important to talk to your friends and family and to be open as much as possible. Of course, you will not stress too much about your experiences. But at least you can share how you feel and let them provide adequate support. You have been dealing with homesickness for quite a while and now when you are back, depression and anxiety can appear quickly if you keep it all inside. Therefore, be open and if you need it, seek professional help as well. It is important to take care of your emotional and physical health as well.

And this is it. A few tips for single service members returning home and how to handle the whole situation easier. Just be sure to surround yourself with the people you love and you will deal with your emotions much easier. Good luck and stay safe.


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