How to disinfect your new home before moving in

Before The MoveOctober 18, 2021

We all want our new home to be clean and ready for our stuff. Especially during coronavirus. Hence, you are the one who must disinfect your new home. Or else, hire professionals to do so. Whatever the case, it’s important to start your new life in a clean home with no viruses and bacteria. Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage will do their part of the job. They’ll properly handle your things. On the other hand, cleaning is your obligation.

Make a distinction between cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning is just one part of preparing your home for moving in. Undoubtedly, you must clean your home thoroughly when moving to Columbus Ohio. However, disinfection comes later. Since you may use just soap and water for cleaning, this isn’t enough to sanitize your new home. You must use chemicals agents to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.

What to use to disinfect your new home?

First of all, prepare all sorts of disinfectants. Moreover, read the directions carefully.

  • bleach
  • alcohol
  • hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants

Disinfect parts of the home carefully

It would be best to start before residential movers Columbus Ohio transport your belongings. The best idea is to start disinfecting certain parts you come in contact with first.

  • door knobs
  • light switches
  • taps and toilet levers
  • doorbells
  • banisters and railings
  • window clasps
  • blind cords

Make sure to clean the kitchen

Use all sorts of chemicals to disinfect your kitchen. Start from ceilings and walls. Then, pay special attention to cabinets and major appliances. Scrub the sink. Sweep and mop the floor. In case you prefer more natural things, use baking soda and water. Moreover, unplug your devices before cleaning. Also, disinfect the touch areas in the kitchen.

a woman disinfecting the kitchen
Disinfect your new home by starting from the kitchen. Make sure to clean every part of it.

Pay special attention to the bathroom

Start from the top. Clean the ceiling, light fixture, corners, vents, and fans. Also, wipe down the windows. Scrub the shower or a tub. Disinfect your toilet. Furthermore, consider replacing the toilet seat. Furthermore, you can use a variety of chemicals. Still, make your own paste of baking soda and vinegar.

Here come floors

First of all, take care of the carpets. Especially in case previous owners had pets. Thus, clean the carpets carefully. Vacuum. Then, use some chemicals to clean and disinfect the floors. It would be best if most of the things would be carefully saved by storage company Columbus Ohio. Facilitate yourself with open space. It’s much easier to clean a practically empty home.

vacuuming to disinfect new home
Be detailed. Follow the instructions. Leave the floors at the very end.

Get all the cleaning supplies you need

Prepare all the cleaning supplies to sanitize your things during a move. Not to mention, to cleanse your home.

  • vacuum cleaner
  • dust mop
  • broom and bucket
  • step ladder
  • gloves
  • sponges etc.

Prepare well to start all over again

Altogether, it’s crucial to disinfect your new home. Pay attention to every detail. In case you’re uncertain of your abilities or consider all this too tiresome, hire professionals. All in all, your home must be meticulously disinfected. Only then will you relax completely in your new home.



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