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Packing GuideJuly 3, 2020

Since you are interested in learning how to prepare for packing and moving computers, read on! That way, your fragile and sensitive pieces of equipment can reach your new address safely. After following the tips from commercial movers Columbus Ohio, your equipment will stay secured. It will also be ready for use immediately after the simple reassembly and re-connection. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to pack a PC for shipping to get all the answers. We have all the tips you will ever need when moving your electronic equipment between two addresses.

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After all, in this modern day and age, it’s a true challenge to find a person who doesn’t own a single desktop or laptop computer. At least in the majority of developed countries.

Supplies for packing and moving computers

The process of relocating from one home to another is a very personal thing. So, when it’s time to pack up and move house, your moving day will be unique. Remember that when a moving company tries to convince you otherwise.

  • Moving a desktop computer is a bit harder than you might think. And here’s why. The mid-tower is heavy and takes up plenty of space. Not to mention it contains nothing but expensive and fragile components. Secondly, the computer monitor can be bulky and heavy such as with CRT monitors. Or it can be extremely fragile and sensitive such as with TFT and LCD monitors. Finally, the peripherals can range from a simple mouse and keyboard to all-out sound systems, printers, scanners, and all sorts of standard or even extravagant computer gadgets.

Prepare thoroughly and you’ll have a smooth relocation!

  • To guarantee that nothing bad happens as you prepare for packing and moving computers during the residential move, you need to prepare well. You should start by checking out more blog posts from Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage researching about packing materials first, and then pack it even better to safeguard it from the dangers ahead. Additionally, to do a good computer packing job, it’s only logical that you will need high-quality packing supplies.
  • First of all, the appropriate packing materials make up for an important part of the moving process. Gather the materials in advance to avoid having to scramble right in the middle of the packing process to look for more. Read on to learn what packing supplies you need for packing and moving computers like a pro.

Rule number one when packing computers for moving

The crucial rule for packing and moving computers, or shipment, is to use the original boxes that your PC came in. First of all, they are specifically designed by professionals to best protect your computer on the road. But since you probably haven’t kept those boxes, it’s a good idea to ask around. See if somebody in your circle of friends still has one or two of those special thick-walled boxes. It’s the type of box where your highly sensitive computer equipment will feel the most protected.

    • If you work in an office, you can simply ask the IT guy if he or she could spare a few computer boxes. However, it’s not a big deal if you can’t find any original computer boxes, because we have a packing solution for everything.
    • All you have to do is acquire some regular cardboard boxes (just make sure they are new, and the right size).
    • Then use plenty of cushioning materials around the PC itself.


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Read our special packing tips for packing a computer quickly, efficiently, and of course – safely.

Prepare to grab loads of bubble wrap + packing paper

You’ll probably need multiple sheets of Bubble wrap and packing paper, depending on how many PCs or monitors you own. These are the essential supplies to have if you want to prepare for packaging and relocating computers safely. As far as packing materials are concerned, we believe that the air-filled plastic material is the best investment. Consider its efficiency and level of protection.

  • When packing electronic equipment for shipping, you really shouldn’t skimp on those two essential packing supplies.
  • Get in touch with a local moving company or visit a Home Depot store or an office supply store to buy the amounts you need. But don’t worry, one humongous roll of bubble wrap should be enough to wrap up your computer when moving house.

You’ll need styrofoam inserts or peanuts for packing and moving computers

Remember there were Styrofoam inserts you found when you first opened the original PC box? The chances are you haven’t kept them because they do take up plenty of space and are a potential mess. Don’t fret, we understand. Bear with us, we have a solution.

  • Another wild guess is that you don’t have anti-static packing peanuts lying around your house or office either. But that’s fine too. We can advise you on what other alternative cushioning materials to use as well.
  • The alternative packing supplies just need to be soft enough to provide the necessary protection. They should be able to absorb vibrations or negate direct hits that could happen on the road. Towels, pieces of old clothing, or even blankets should do a perfect job when you’re packing and moving your computer.
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Find out here what packing supplies you will need for your desktop computer, monitor, and devices – keyboard, mouse, sound speakers, etc.

Last but not least – Lots of packing tape

Make sure the tape you buy is a high-quality one because you will be using this material not only to close up the lids but to reinforce the sides and seams of the boxes as well.
Find sealable plastic bags. You can use these types of bags for keeping track of the smaller computer parts. For example, for any number of screws you may have unscrewed or other tiny elements you can lose easily during the transitional period.

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