The best way to pack clothes for moving

Packing GuideDecember 7, 2018

The best way to pack clothes for moving means keeping them clean, dry and safe during the transport. Besides getting quality boxes and proper packing material, one ought to know the adequate method of storing those items into packages meant for them. To achieve this goal, we come forth with a foolproof packing plan that is easy to follow through. Utilizing this method will keep your clothing items in neat order, save some space, and minimize the wrinkling problem as much as possible.

Suitcases with clothes
This is not the best way to pack clothes for moving. Far from it. In the text that follows, you’ll see why.

Pack and carry only what you need

Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the clothing pieces who are lurking in the dark and forgotten corners of your closet. Items you no longer need and haven’t even seen in a while should be separated into groups as follows:

  • clothes that are out of style which you no longer wear
  • items that no longer fit you
  • pieces that are worn and torn

We strongly advise that you be decisive and firm with yourself while making these selections. Resist the urge of keeping the items you think will be of use, even though you haven’t worn them in over a year. If you have made it this far, you are good without them. Additionally, try to view this decluttering process from a different perspective. Fewer items to pack means fewer packing material to spend money on. It means less time spent whilst packing, as well as the unpacking. You will be able to carry with you only the necessary items and begin this new chapter with a tidy closet.

What to do with the discarded?

Clothes that you no longer deem useful can be sold, donated or tossed. See that the items you separate for the first two suggestions are in good condition, without any holes, tears or stains. Pieces that are beyond repair can be used as cleaning rags or wrapping material for the move at hand. After that, it would be smart to throw them out since they only take up valuable space.

Important note before the pack

Put aside clothes you will wear during the move. These pieces should be comfortable and suitable for the weather conditions. If you are relocating to a different climate zone, think ahead what you might need for a first few days upon your arrival, before the unpacking is finished. Besides the clothing items, pack a few towels, underwear and pajamas. Make sure to leave those things easily reachable. A good idea would be to pack some spare items as well. A move is a rather hectic venture and it would be wise to stay prepared.

The best way to pack your clothes for moving is to group them

A careless shoving of clothes into the boxes will make the unpacking a nightmare. Not to mention the space you could have saved if packed correctly. Separate your items by:

1. Material

Cotton and natural fabrics crease easily so, with this in mind, it would be smart to leave them on hangers and protect them with a clothing bag. Items made of wool take up more space, so have that in mind when going out looking for boxes. As for the polyester and synthetic pieces, you can let yourself go. Creases are not a threat, so you can fold them as you would usually, and pack them tightly.

2. Type

Underwear, socks, scarves, caps and such can stay in their designated drawers. You don’t have to unload a dresser, only to pack it again after the relocation. These clothing items weigh little to none in comparison to the whole furniture piece. You will save yourself some time and space. Utilizing your current storage solutions can be useful for the move in general. Just make sure that you don’t overload the furniture and secure the drawers and cabinets tightly.

3. Season

If you are moving to a warmer climate zone, it would be rather preposterous to pack a winter jacket with your bathing suit. Rather pack the items in accordance with the season they are meant for. It will make the unpacking highly organized, as well as the first few days tremendously easier to handle. So, instead of taking out your light, summer dresses in search for your warm winter scarf, utilize this best way to pack clothes for moving and avoid such nuisance.

4. Size

Smaller items easily fit into tight spaces, so you can use them to fill holes and secure fragile items. Longer pieces are best packed together. Boxes carrying shoes tend to be on the heavier side, so make sure to label everything. Moving company employees will thank you for the heads up, while you make yourself a service for the unpacking process. You can also mix and match, just make sure to follow the previously stated methods.

5. Need

Separate the comfortable clothes from the more formal one. It will help with finding what you need in lesser time. This is especially important when it comes to the move. With all your items stored in similar boxes, one can easily lose track of the needed item. So, in order to avoid this, designate a box for the more needed pieces, and make sure to label it. It will save you both time and nerves.

The best way to pack clothes for moving goes hand in hand with good organization. We suggest that you give yourself enough time to go through this plan with adequate attention. Lists are a good way to keep everything in check, so don’t restrain from putting your tasks on paper. Other than that, we wish you a quick and efficient pack, as well as a safe travel to your new dream home.

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