Are you looking for a safe place to put some of your belongings? For only a couple of days, weeks or months? Then we present to you some of the best storage units Worthington has to offer. Contact our Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage and get the best deal for yourself. We are here to help you satisfy all your storing-related needs. Our facilities are secured and ready for your belongings, no matter how valuable they are.

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We offer you some of the best storage facilities in Worthington

What kind of storage units Worthington has to offer?

As probably everyone knows by now, you can use storage facilities for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes people aren’t exactly sure whether they need one or not. However, if you even have to think about it, you probably need it. Therefore, it is good to know in which cases should you turn to us for more information concerning storage services. We can divide the dilemma according to:

  • which items will you be placing in the storage unit – residential or commercial,
  • for how long – short-term or long term,
  • whether or not you need it to be climate-controlled.

Can you decide on your own?

Once you answer these questions it will be much easier finding the right solution for your needs. But, the best part is that you will not have to figure out anything on your own. All you have to do contact us and some of our diligent agents from Worthington will be at your disposal for all your questions. We have many years of experience in all kinds of moving and storing. Therefore, we are more than competent to find a solution for you, even if you are not sure what you need.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction. So you know we will do our best no matter if you are looking for affordable dorm room movers or someone to provide you with both three-floors-building commercial moving and storage. Nothing makes us more proud than having new people turn to us because they have heard someone’s good experience in working with us. So, don’t hesitate to state your needs, wishes, and concerns, no matter how big or small they sound. And we will make sure to provide you with everything you might need.

Do you need a safe place for your household possessions?

There are many situations where people find themselves in the need to store their belongings away from home. Sometimes they are moving, but the moving out and the moving in-day don’t match. Other times, they need to place stuff somewhere while their home is being remodeled. Maybe they are repainting the entire home. Or they are building a room out of the basement. Either way, those situations happen often and that’s when people decide to use storage units Worthington has to offer.

a huge storage
All your belongings will be safe in our big or small storage units

Also, that is a perfect opportunity to let us provide you with our residential storage units. That is a great way to ensure the safety of your belongings. Do you own some expensive electronic equipment? Don’t worry, our facilities are secured and there are surveillance and guards walking by very often. Maybe you have some antique furniture? Remain worry-free, because our units are clean and climate-controlled. You don’t have to worry about whether or not high or low temperatures will damage your precious items.

What about your commercial goods?

Not to worry, once again, we got you covered. We know how expensive and valuable all your equipment, machines, parts, and merchandise can be. That is why we have prepared a state of the art commercial storage facilities in Worthington. Your top-notch equipment needs to be safe at all times. And we will make sure to accomplish that. And if you are storing some papers and documentation, you should know that we pay a lot of attention to pest control. So none of your pages is missing once you come back to collect them, no matter when. And the same goes for your possessions when you are involved in military moving.

How long do you plan to use the storage units?

Sometimes you need the extra space away from home or offices only for several days. That is usually the case when people are redecorating their household or business premises. Or they are waiting for the buyer of their goods in a transaction. Either way, it is time to consider our short-term storage options. That is certainly a much better solution than having your valuable possessions in your neighbor’s basement. Handled by people who are far from professionals. On the other hand, we offer you premium facilities with premium moving services. And that is one more way to ensure the safety of your stuff.

Then again, there are cases where you need to use the storage units Worthington for a longer period of time. We have your back in those cases as well. If you are in between college years, for example, you should use our dorm room storage solutions. That will certainly make your life much easier since you will not have to worry about where to put your belongings. And rest assured all your items are safe and sound.

a dorm room
We will store for you everything from dorm room belongings to commercial goods

Using long-term storage facilities in Worthington can also prove very useful in domestic uses. Having something like that at your disposal means that you will have a permanent room away from home. And that is especially useful if you lack space and you can’t afford a bigger home right now. Having a long-term extra space will be great for all seasonal stuff. You can store your coats, boots, and winter gear in the summer. And your bicycles, motorcycles, and sports equipment during the winter. You will know exactly where your secured belongings are at all times and how to get them, of course.

Our Worthington storage facilities are waiting for you!

Now that you know numerous ways to use storage facilities and declutter your home or offices, it’s time for action. Contact our agents at Zippy Shell Greater Moving and Storage as soon as possible, and we will make sure you get the best storage units Worthington has to offer. Your possessions will be safe and your budget will not suffer.

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