Military Moving

As a member of the United States Armed Forces, you might have to relocate a lot. You never know where you’re moving to next, and you usually need to pack and move fast. If you are a member of the US military, trying to move home because of your job, let us know. We will ensure that you receive our military moving package during your relocation. Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage will help you move to your next posting in the USA. Call us to schedule our assistance with your next relocation and you’ll have more time for your family and friends while our military movers take care of moving your home.

Zippy Shell Columbus movers next to moving containers
Zippy Shell offers the help of the best military movers in Columbus.

What is the role of our military movers?

As a legitimate and reliable moving company, we provide many services which can come in handy during your move. Military moving is one of them. Our team of experienced relocation specialists will assist any soldier in moving their home within US borders. We come to your house, pack and load all your belongings, and then store it in our military storage units. When you find it suitable, we deliver your stored inventory to your new doorstep. No matter the distance or the size of your relocation, we’ll get you covered. If you are relocating overseas, our military storage units are suitable for the long-term safekeeping of your possessions. We at Zippy Shell Columbus provide special moving services perfectly tailored to assist our nation’s bravest men and women when they’re relocating.

US Marines in ceremonial uniforms.
We offer special storage options for our country’s bravest.

What makes our military moving experts some of the best in Columbus Ohio?

Unlike some other companies, we offer particularly tailored military moving services. They are specially designed to satisfy the needs of our soldiers faced with sudden relocations. We understand how important the efficiency and performing relocation in a timely manner are. With this kind of dedication, we’ll ensure your move is easy and stress-free for you and your family. Our adjusted moving services are what makes our military moving specialists the best in the business! So, whether you’re moving to a base close by or you need reliable long distance movers, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back!

Our military moving services are various and affordable

Of course, a quality moving service also must be flexible and able to adapt to clients’ wishes. Since relocation types and demands vary from individual to individual, a moving company must be able to meet all your moving needs. This is why good army movers should offer various services to meet your moving needs. Whether you want to get packing services in Columbus for quick and easy packing or you want to pack by yourself and have the movers transport your items, you should be able to choose! We recognized this, so we offer a full moving service, as well as the possibility to choose partial services. This allows you to choose the moving services you want and fit within your budget range. We also provide a 10% discount for all clients that opt for full-service relocations and storage services.

What can you expect from our military moving crew?

Our professional movers are experienced in relocating any type of household or business. This means our moving crew can tackle any moving-related issue on the fly and that’s what makes them irreplaceable during any relocation. Their experience and quality equipment guarantees the safety of all of your items during a move. Somewhat like soldiers, our movers must be physically fit to tackle all the heavy lifting and loading. Personal trainers in Columbus recommend a healthy lifestyle in order to cope with all physical challenges, and our movers comply with this advice. In addition to their experience and expertise, our movers are:

  • Honest – we will always provide you with our experienced point of view and moving advice!
  • Punctual – we know what role time plays in the deployment of soldiers. This is why our military moving professionals will arrive on time and they won’t waste your time!
  • Hard – working – our movers know that hard work is crucial for the success of your relocation and the good reputation of our company. So, they make sure to work smart and they work hard!
  • Reliable – This is the last but the most important factor which marks good military movers. A successful relocation depends mostly on the competence of your movers. Our military moving experts are fully dedicated to every client, whether they opt for long-distance or local moves, full moving service, or just storage service.

Apart from military moving services, we offer a lot more!

Military moving services are just a small part of our numerous services. If you’re about to move with all your family, our residential moving services will also suit you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re relocating within or across state borders, interstate moving is something we also deal with. We also have to mention, that we have storage facilities near some greater military bases, in case you need a storage unit. It is especially convenient that we offer short-term storage units with month-to-month storage leases. And we offer all this under excellent conditions and prices that are in line with the quality of our services. Besides, you can combine our services to better suit your budget range.

A member of our military movers labeling cardboard box and holding inventory list
Our military movers will carefully keep track of all your items while packing and loading.

We offer the best portable storage solutions

When faced with sudden military deployment, there is no time for detailed planning and organizing relocation. Sometimes, you need to report to the new military base in a day or two. This leaves too little time to arrange the move, and that’s when we step in. Your last-minute move is no problem for our trained movers, who will show up at your doorstep with our portable storage units. We’re very proud of our mobile storage containers, which make the entire packing and loading process a lot easier. From there we can transfer your inventory to our secure storage facility, or deliver it to your new address. These portable units are secure and water-resistant, so they can stay parked in your driveway as long as you need. 

Climate-controlled storage can ease your last-minute military relocation

Military serving in Columbus Ohio during the hot summer is not a problem if you hire our movers. Although average temperatures swirl around 84°F, your items will be perfectly safe in our climate-controlled units of various sizes. You can store your entire household for as long as you need, without fear of whether will something melt or dissolve due to high temperatures. We maintain the temperature in our storage between 55°F and 78°F, which is optimal for most items. So you can store even works of art and antiques in them without worry.

High summer temperatures will not disturb our military movers
Your items will be impeccable as you left them in our climate-controlled storage.

In case you need moving supplies too, we recommend our sturdy storage bins. Whatever you place inside these high-quality plastic bins with lids, will be safe from dust, pests, and moisture. While you are on duty protecting our country, we’re protecting your possessions.

Why should you opt for Zippy Shell Columbus military movers?

If you’re wondering which military movers will fit your needs the best, you won’t go wrong with Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage! We offer customizable and reliable moving services which are bound to satisfy your every relocation need. So, you can choose from our customizable relocation plans. They will allow you to choose additional services apart from packing and transporting your goods. For example, if you need reliable military storage solutions for your move, we’ve got your back! It’s super easy to have a successful relocation when you can fit it perfectly to your every need!

Last, but not least, we know how to treat the nation’s bravest men and women properly! Our moving specialists will offer you the best service and the best conditions for your relocation. This is why many US Armed Forces members opt for our moving services daily. Because they know that they can count on us to relocate their homes without any issues or complications. So, if you need help relocating to your new home, feel free to contact Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage, and we’ll estimate your move costs for free! We guarantee that our prices are in line with the quality of our moving services!

Shaking hands to close the deal
With us on your side, your military relocation will be quickly resolved.

Give us a call and let us assist you whit your military relocation

In case you’re looking for trustworthy movers with many moving services, search no more. We are a reliable and licensed moving company, a branch of Zippy Shell Incorporated. Although we’re in the moving business since 2015, we are already recognized as a successful growing business in the moving industry. Our loyal clients can testify to that, as well as the fact that many choose our services again. In the end, if you’d like to hire our reliable military movers or you have any doubts, please give us a call! We will answer all the questions you might have about relocation and explain all the phases of the moving process. Our specialists will provide all the help you’ll need – be it relocation assistance or general information about moving and storage. You can rely on Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage to take care of your every moving need!

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