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The moving process can be quite hard on seniors. It is not exactly easy for anyone, for that matter. Yes, you can always hire packing services but what about those times when that is not an option? Well, in that case, you will need to do the packing by yourself, won’t you? And if you are packing by your own lonesome, then you might benefit from this packing guide for seniors. In this guide, we will teach you the proper way to approach packing, as a senior. These tips are applicable to anyone, however, and by incorporating these tips your packing process will become much easier! Let’s begin then, shall we?

Packing Guide For Seniors – Useful and Simple Tips

These simple four steps to packing are really all there is to it when you think about it. Make sure to follow the instructions presented here and your packing process will be extremely easy. Of course, for all your moving needs you can simply ask local movers Columbus Ohio. With them at your side, the moving process will seem like no problem at all!

  • Take It Easy
  • Divide Packing Into Small Tasks
  • Packing Tips For Seniors – Lift Carefully, Don’t Get Hurt!
  • Are You Downsizing? It’s Time To Declutter!
Do not hesitate to ask for some assistance if you need it.

Take It Easy

The first rule of packing as a senior is to take it easy. This might seem easy enough to understand but it is far from it. You see, seniors were raised in a time where it was normal to “work your ass off”. Therefore, they will most likely try not to stop until everything is over. I know this for a fact because my mother and her friends are exactly like this. If I was not around to actually tell them to take it easy and to take some load from their shoulders, they would simply keep working until near exhaustion.

Taking it easy might be going against everything that you stand for. But you need to take care of yourself, especially if you are a senior. If you are going to follow only one instruction in this packing guide for seniors, follow this one! Most of the injuries while packing are the product of overwork. Do not fall prey to this, make sure that you either have something or someone to remind you to take it easy. We have also prepared a guide on how to downsize a home of a senior citizen, just for you!

Divide Packing Into Small Tasks

After you finish with the most difficult task of taking it easy, it is time to move forward. The next best thing that you can do for yourself is to actually divide all the work into smaller tasks. Aside from them being easier to manage, you will get a sense of completion from each one! Time will simply fly by and you will be feeling great by completing so many tasks. That is the trick with human minds, we love completion and we derive some sort of pleasure from it.

These small tasks will do wonders for your packing process. If you want to take these up a notch, you can formulate a plan beforehand. In this plan, you will carefully analyze your own capabilities and weigh them with the tasks at hand. That way you will be able to divide the work evenly, with the time that you have for packing. Everything is better with a good plan! You can even make a checklist of tasks and cross them as you finish them. This simple act can give you great pleasure, try it!

It will be way easier if you divide packing into small tasks!

Packing Tips For Seniors – Lift Carefully, Don’t Get Hurt!

You need to allow for some considerations in your advanced age. You might not be as spry as you once were but your mind thinks that you can handle it still. In reality, you most likely can, and will, but you will need to pay a price. The heavier the items you are dealing with, the greater the price might be. So, do not fall prey to overconfidence and carefully think about whether you will be able to lift something easily or not.

If you need to overly strain yourself to lift something then the best thing is to forget about it and think of an alternative approach. Try to divide the lifting into several lifts if possible. If not, consider using tools that might help you with lifting. Your health is the most important resource that you have, and that’s why you should know how to avoid common moving injuries. Protect yourself!

Are You Downsizing? It’s Time To Declutter!

If you are moving into a smaller place of residence, you might need to declutter before you move in. This is something that no one likes to do and it is quite a chore. However, by not moving all of your items with you, you will save a considerable sum of money on moving expenses. Decluttering will also make you remember quite a bit of fond memories by looking at the items in question. Just try not to get overly emotional as you will not be able to throw anything away.

We are not telling you to throw away your fondest memories in this packing guide for seniors. All we are saying is that you most likely do not need all the stuff that you currently have.

You should get rid of unnecessary items if you are downsizing!

Get Assistance!

You knew that this one was coming, didn’t you? Whenever there are seniors, someone will say that they need assistance. While this is actually not true for most seniors, as they are perfectly self-sufficient, everyone can use a hand here and there. Getting assistance is something that we recommend to everyone, not just seniors. The problem that seniors might have with asking for assistance is well-known. Do yourself a favor and just skip this problem altogether.


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