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It so happens that in our nation we move a lot. Millions of Americans are relocating to their new home each year. There are families that moved as much as 10 times in half a decade. It is the way of life. Freedom to pursue happiness and opportunity at all times. However, it is a wast country out there and, even though you might want to move, you are not sure where you would want to go. Well, it is hard to say what place is best for a person to live in since people have different goals, needs, and preferences. You will have to find it out for yourself. What we can do, however, is explain what moving to a place really means. Today, we talk about what will a move to Grandview Heights Ohio means for you (and your family).

Basic info on Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights is a city in Franklin County, Ohio, near Columbus suburbs. It boasts a small population of around 8,300 people. If you like smaller towns, it is definitely the right time to rent storage units Grandview Heights Ohio, and move.

Like a little bit more information before such an important decision? Surething. A move to Grandview Heights means moving to a small city of just under 1,33 sq mi, all of which island area. If you are moving with a family, you would be joining one of the 1680 families that are living in the city. The median income is nothing to be overlooked, at around $51,328 per household, and $63,713 per family.

What all of this info should be pointing out is that moving to Grandview Heights means moving to a place where you can put in roots. It is not just another place where you will go for a short amount of time and then leave. People come here to stay here. It is an upstanding city with wealthy citizens and good services, close to the major population center of Columbus.

With around quoter of homes having children, there are also a lot of places friends for your children and a lot of families to connect to once you move. Therefore, if you are moving with a family you should feel at home in no time in Grandview Heights.

Transportation – how to get there

Ok, now that you know a little bit about the place and exactly what to expect once you move, we should talk about how to move to Grandview Heights Ohio. More precisely, how will you get there and what is close once you are there.

The first thing you will notice if you look at the map is just how close it is to the city of Columbus. Any Columbus moving services you might hire should be considered great movers.

If, however, you are trying to move to Grandview Heights Ohio from a little bit out, chances are that you will arrive by 170 highway(I 670 exit and then while you are crossing the Scioto River). Scioto river actually borders the south part of Grandview Heights, separating it from Columbus suburbs. On the east, king avenue, West 5th Avenue and few others connect it to Harrison West over the Olentangy River.

To illustrate just how close Columbus and Grandview Heights are, you could literary walk there in around 1h and ten-ish minutes (3.3 miles from the city center to city center).

In other words, once you move to Grandview Heights Ohio to stay very much connected to the big population center, should you need it.

Education opportunities after you move to Grandview Heights Ohio

Grandview Heights Ohio has a pet friendly neighborhood, but what about children and education. Well, if you are moving with children to Grandview Heights you are quite possibly going to enroll them in the Grandview Heights High School. The school serves both residents of Grandview Heights and those of a nearby Marble Cliff.

move to Grandview Heights Ohio- an university campus
Are there any high education institutions?

However, if you are moving with a student and want them to be close to a higher education institution, we should mention that Grandview Heights is very close to the Ohio state university campus.

Ohio University, also known as Ohio State, is a public research university of very good standing. Therefore, once you move to Grandview Heights Ohio you move to a place where you can go up to quite high economic achievement.

That is one more way in which Grandview Heights is truly a place to set roots and settle. It is close to job opportunity centers, educational centers, to Ohio University Hospital complex… It truly is covered in more way than one, offering all you would need for pretty much forever! So pack plants for moving and prepare to move to a house with a garden!

Climate and more

But what kind of weather would you enjoy in that Grandview Heights garden? Well, Grandview Heights is located in a humid continental climate.

an ohio sunset
What kind of climate can you expect?

This means that you can expect strong winters but also good summers, both of which should have humidity. If enjoying sunny days by summer and making snowman during the winter sounds like a good proposition to you, well, you have come to the right place.

You will need good movers!

Finally, if all of this sounds wonderful and you can’t wait to move to Grandview Heights Ohio, you should get some practical pointers as to how to do this. When moving, it is important to do it right. In other words, you will want to hire good movers. How to know what movers to trust? In short, they should be:

  • Licensed. A licensed mover is a prerequisite. Only then you have all the protection you need in order to ensure your possessions when you move to Grandview Heights Ohio
  • Well reviewed. That way you will know that they do their job right regularly.
  • Good communicators. Moving is a planning-heavy thing. You want to be able to communicate with your movers.

To conclude!

In conclusion, to move to Grandview Heights Ohio means to move to a place where you can spend the rest of your life. If you are searching for such a place, you have found it!

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