How to pack plants for moving

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You might think that it is not hard to pack plants for moving, but… We want to help you avoid any possible mistakes so you don’t damage your favorite plants. They are much more fragile than many people think they are. It can be a complex process to pack and move them.

What to keep in mind when you pack plants for moving?

Like we have said, plants are very fragile and can easily be damaged. There are a few things you should know before you actually pack and move them.

  1. Not every plant needs the same amount of water and sun. This can give or take some time from the moving process;
  2. Depending on how big the plant is, you need to provide a moving environment that won’t damage it;
  3. When you pack plants for moving, there are some of them that have to be moved in a particular way;
  4. Everything has to be organized in a certain way depending on how far you are moving the plants.
Plants-How to pack plants for moving
Every plant is different, remember that when you pack plants for moving!

Moving the plants, short distance

If you’re not moving too far away, maybe you don’t have to pack or protect your plants in a special way. If you own a vehicle or can borrow one, it would be a great idea if you could move the plants yourself. This way, you can always keep an eye on them and arrange them in the car or hold them yourself. When the move is not too far away, it is the safest way. Your plants are with you the entire time and are less likely to be damaged in any way. If some of your plants are too big to fit in a car, then you will have to organize a different kind of move. We, also, understand that you don’t want the responsibility of transferring your plants.

Moving the plants, long-distance

Moving further away and moving the plants yourself is not an option. There are other, very practical, ones. You will, then, move your plants just like everything else. This means that you will need the best moving companies Columbus Ohio to do the job for you. A reliable and professional moving company that you can trust all of your belongings with is the way to go. They will move your stuff carefully, safely, and organize the transfer so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your plants, along with everything else, will be delivered to your home in the same condition you packed them in.

How to prepare your plants for packing and moving

You probably will organize the move, or have someone organize it and do it for you, just remember to call the best company to help you! This takes up a certain amount of time. Reserve some of it for the preparation of the plants. Before you even pack them, you must first take care of them so they can survive the move.

First and most important, watering

For example, if you have a plant that needs to be watered once a week, you should do it a week before the move. This way, when the plant arrives at your new home, water it right away and let it ”rest” from the said move. If you miss the watering and give it water a few days later than you usually do, there is a much bigger chance that it will get dry and possibly die. Don’t water your plants right before the move, the soil will be very soft and spill. So, if you have a plant that needs to be watered every day, you might want to do it once it has been moved.

Watering plants
Prepare your plants by watering them!

A few other steps might also interest you if you really want to give your plants special care and extra time.

  • You can trim the roots and cut off any dead leaves so your plant can be rejuvenated.
  • You can change your regular pots and use plastic ones, they are not as heavy. This makes the transfer much easier.
  • You can always ask the moving company to be extra careful with the plants. A good company will respect all of your belongings and do everything there is to please you, the customer.

Before any of this… Remember that what kind of plant you have is important. You might want to check if the plants you have are illegal in the state you are moving to. There is always a chance that you can’t bring them with you. If this is the case, give them away to someone who loves plants and will take care of them the same way you did.

The way to pack plants for moving

  • Some small plants that do not need any special care and can be put in a box for the transfer, but then need to be taken out the moment they enter the new home. Plants should be unpacked and put in their place as soon as they can. Unlike other stuff that can be put into storage for a while or a longer period of time. If you need a place to keep your belongings safe, you should consider storage units Dublin Ohio.
  • If you want to be extra safe with bigger or more fragile plants, there is something you can do. You should, first, remove the plant from the pot. Trim the roots and wrap the root ball, and only the root ball, in a wet towel. After this, put it in some kind of plastic bag. Make sure the towel is not dripping wet, but wet enough so it won’t dry in the plastic bag. Bigger or more fragile plants require a lot of care. Again, if you choose the right moving company you will have no problem with keeping your plants safe.
Plants in boxes
Take care of them so they can still be beautiful and healthy after the move!

Your plants are ready!

We hope that we have helped you with some good advice and information that is useful. If you have done everything we advised you to do, you’re all set! Your plants will be healthy and beautiful to make your new home pretty and welcoming! You now know everything about how to pack plants for moving. Good luck!

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