Preparing your Christmas decorations for storage

Storage PreparationJanuary 13, 2021

 Organized packing and storing of Christmas decorations will surely help you save some nerves in the next holiday season. Here are some tips on preparing your Christmas decorations for storage. This way the preparations next year can run as smooth as possible. Packing and storing Christmas ornaments and decorations after the holidays doesn’t seem like science fiction, and it really isn’t, but when you look for it in less than a year, it always looks likes like a treasure hunt. For an easier way to find your Christmas decorations, try storage facilities Columbus Ohio.

Most people tend to forget where they put their decorations, especially if they’re all over the house. Additionally, it is hard to remember which ornaments you have, so it is not so uncommon to buy another pair of Christmas lights, another set of ornaments, and a variety of decorations that are not needed.

Three boxes

Preparing your Christmas decoration for storage boxes
Get two or three smaller boxes and arrange the decorations by the time they’re used.

In ideal conditions, you could just put everything in one or two big boxes and put them somewhere dry. But we all know that a lot of people don’t have that kind of luxury with space and storage. A great idea is to save your house storage for things you use on a daily basis and to get storage for seasonal items. So, when preparing your Christmas decorations for storage you can look into storage space on Zippy Shell Greater Columbus.  Get two or three smaller boxes and arrange the decorations by the time they’re used.

Advent box

In this box put every decoration that you’re going to take out four to five weeks before Christmas. It is usually filled with Advent wreaths, door decorations, mistletoe, and such decorations that are used at the beginning of the holiday season. Take a paper and make a list of everything that is in the box, and then glue the list on the box.

Electric decoration box

Christmas lights
Take some time to package the Christmas lights nicely.

This needs to be kept in a dry place, as it contains every kind of electric light that you have. It would be ideal that it is stored by manufacturer instructions. Write down what is in the box. Do the same with the color, how long every string is, and the number of bulbs that need to be changed. Take some time to package it nicely, so you have fewer problems next year.

As the conditions of storage are really important for electric devices, you can always look into climate-controlled storage.

Christmas box

Put all the ornaments into the same box.

In this box goes every ornament for the Christmas tree, and Christmas and New Year ornaments and decorations. Try to pack the ornaments into smaller boxes and then sort them in a bigger box. When you decide on how you divide all the Christmas decorations, the next step is self-storage.

While packing, simultaneously do the list of things you have, any notes, and things that you need to buy before next Christmas. With this kind of organization, the next Christmas will go smooth as butter and there will be no cause of stress.

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