How to prevent moisture when packing items for storage?

Packing GuideJanuary 15, 2021

Using a storage unit to store your belongings is a great way to add more convenience to your life. You will be able to free up your home, making more room for the items you really want in there. However, you are going to need to think about how to prevent moisture when packing items for storage. Moisture can ruin your belongings if you allow it. The obvious solution is to have one of the moving companies Columbus Ohio do your packing for you. But if you want a cheaper option, you can also do it on your own. You will need to consider special containers and your packing process but will save some money if you do. In this article, we are going to provide you with a guide on how to prevent moisture damage to your stored belongings.

Tips to prevent moisture when packing items for storage

Here is what we recommend doing to avoid moisture influence:

  • Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to prevent moisture when packing items for storage
  • Clean and dry every item before packing
  • Pack small items in plastic zip-lock bags
  • Use waterproof bags for blankets, sheets, and big plush toys
  • Prevent moisture when packing items for storage – Inspect storage unit
  • Rent climate-controlled storage

Of course, choosing a unit is really important. While climate-controlled storage might be the best option for safety reasons, you can achieve similar results with lower-priced units, as well. But this means that you are going to need to personally inspect storage units Grandview Heights Ohio that you are considering. Otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise when you start bringing in your stuff. But if you deal with a reputable moving company, this should not be an issue.

three cardboard boxes
You might want to reconsider cardboard boxes if moisture is going to be a concern.

Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to prevent moisture when packing items for storage

The first thing that you might want to do is replace your cardboard boxes with plastic bins. They are much more resistant to moisture, being almost impervious to it. While they do cost a bit extra, compared to the cheap cardboard, they provide numerous benefits as well. Most of the residential storage units should be able to provide you with them, too. You can stack them more easily and they can be transparent. This will provide you with extra options when it comes to storing them. Additionally, retrieving items from transparent bins is always much easier. You will see exactly what is in them, at a glance.

Clean and dry every item before packing

But the best way to combat moisture in a storage unit is not to introduce any more of it. Therefore, you will need to carefully clean and dry all of your belongings before packing them into your container of choice. This will ensure that there is absolutely no moisture coming in from your items. While almost every storage unit has at least some moisture issues (save for the climate-controlled storage, of course) not compounding on them is the best thing that you can do. So make sure that all of your stuff is as dry as possible before packing. This will provide your items with maximum protection.

person holding cleaning supply and a rag
Cleaning your items before storing them is always a good idea, regardless of moisture.

Pack small items in plastic zip-lock bags

Another way to effectively fight moisture is to use zip-lock bags for all of your smaller belongings. These bags are waterproof and will hold off moisture indefinitely. They are a great way to ensure maximum safety for all the small and vulnerable items. You can buy them in bulk, at an affordable price and they will serve you well in the years to come. These bags are also really convenient. We guarantee that once you start using them for packing, you will find numerous ways in which they can help you in your daily life as well.

Use waterproof bags for blankets, sheets, and big plush toys

You are going to need to be extra careful with the items that are particularly susceptible to moisture. They include blankets and sheets of all sizes, as well as big plush toys. For this, you are going to want to procure several waterproof bags. Utilizing them will all but eliminate any chances of moisture creeping in and ruining your belongings. You can also opt for waterproof storage containers, as well. The main thing is that you adequately protect your items. Storage containers work wonders for numerous smaller items whereas bags will allow you to pack your blankets and sheets with ease.

teddy bears plush toys
Consider waterproof containers for your plush toys.

Prevent moisture when packing items for storage – Inspect storage unit

We mentioned this briefly, but it is really something that you must do. Before you sign the lease on the storage unit, make your way there, and inspect it in person. You may also want to check out some of the reviews on the internet. The thing is, you are going to need to be really meticulous here. It is not really that easy to figure out if a storage unit will have moisture problems, after all. Even so, you want to make the effort anyway. Worst-case scenario, you miss some small moisture issue. But on the other side, a personal inspection can eliminate a storage unit that is clearly having a big moisture problem.

Rent climate-controlled storage

But if you really want to say “no” to moisture, there is but one guaranteed option. Climate-controlled storage units regulate both the temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that no moisture can fiddle with your belongings. Do note that this is the most expensive storage option. If you have the means and want the best security available, this is your go-to unit. But for the most part, by following the guidelines above, you will be able to find a regular unit that will serve your purposes just as well. This is a premium unit for premium items. If you can afford it, it is your best option by far, where moisture is concerned.

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